Sunday, September 11, 2016

After Hillary's Microaggressions Trumpsters Seek a Safe Space

They are just so offended:

"Lots of Republicans upset at Hillary for her microaggression against bigoted Trump supporters. They should find a safe space."

True enough, they are very sensitive people, the Trumpsters.

"BREAKING: People who made this shirt a best seller at Trump rallies DEEPLY offended by the word "deplorable."

This shirt being 'Trump That Bitch' and 'Hilary Sucks but not Like Monica.'

But in all seriousness, there are two categories of Trump supporters:

"Trump supporters fall into two camps - Those who hold bigoted views - Those willing to support a candidate who appeals to bigotry."

Regarding #BasketofDeplorables I can see one way in which it is offensive: if you are a deplorable racist.

"Let's be real clear here. If you're upset about #BasketOfDeplorables - it's because YOU ARE ONE. If you're not one, then u wouldn't be."

True. Like as a man I'm not offended by a discussion over sexism per se; obviously no one agrees on anything, but I don't react in principle that any discussion of sexism is a personal attack on me. If you're not a racist Trump supporter-you just love the guy despite his racism-then you shouldn't be offended.

But in case you need more evidence, David Duke expresses his solidarity for #BasketofDeplorables.

As for the whole furor it seems that there are two dimensions:

1. Is it true?

2. Is it smart politically?

The media has basically ignored the first dimension and focus just on the second. They seem mostly to believe it isn't smart politically. But is it? Is a debate over what the exact percentage of Trump supporters who are deplorable racists really what Trump needs to reassure voters?

DailyNewsBins argues that this was actually a very smart move by Hillary Clinton.

"It was a calculated risk, to be sure. Already, Trump is insisting that Hillary is insulting working-class Americans. And one phenomenally ignorant newspaper headline has tried to compare Hillary’s public and intentional remark to Mitt Romney’s private audience “47% gaffe” which was never supposed to have been heard by anyone but the wealthy donors in the room. But none of the above even hints at the real impact of the Hillary Clinton just threw down."

"The point Hillary was making is this: sure, there are plenty of good natured mainstream Americans who are tempted to buy into Trump’s empty kindergarten level rhetoric about ‘making America great again’ simply because it feels good and requires no critical thought to buy into. But every one of those mainstream moderate voters is at least vaguely aware that Trump’s base consists of bigots, lowlifes, and lunatics. They’ve seen it at televised rallies. They’ve seen it online. They know that the Trump movement has its roots in a toxic cesspool of everything that’s wrong with society. They’d just rather not admit it."

"But now they’re being forced to. Hillary Clinton has decided she’s going to force the media narrative to be about whether or not Trump’s base is indeed a basket of deplorables. And as long as the media is talking about that question, it’ll force moderate voters to be constantly reminded of what they already know to be true. It’s force them to keep asking themselves whether they really want to be associated with the bottom rungs of society whom they deplore."

"Sure, Hillary’s remark will cause Trump’s existing base to hate her that much more. But those are the people who were already going to vote against her anyway. General elections are decided largely by the undecided moderates in the middle. And now that they’re being forced to decide what side of the line they want to be on that she just drew, the majority of them should end up siding with her – or at least against her opponent."

When I first heard this furor I had the same reaction. It may well prove to be a trap for Trump, Bannon, and Ailes.

It actually again pushes Trump's Alt Right supporters to the center of discussion, whereas Trump needs to keep that on the periphery.

"New John Podesta statement more evidence Clinton not really backing off "basket" too much -- uses "deplorable."

As Matt McDermott puts it:

"Clinton smartly painted Trump campaign into position of having to defend their racist and bigoted supporters. And Trump taking the bait."

"Literally could not have scripted this better for Clinton."

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