Monday, September 12, 2016

Thankfully the American People are Better Than the Journalists

Mark Halperin. Wow. First there is the hug.

Kind of gives new meaning to the word hack. 

Now he's best friends with another racist, Roger Stone. 

"stone calls blacks "mandingo" and called clinton a "cunt" and @MarkHalperin buddied up with him."

"Halperin is also one of the Beltway pundits who think that Hillary is a racist for saying 'basket of deplorables.'

This brings us to a very interesting divide in terms of Beltway elite journalists:

"Weird how journalists of color and white political journalists seem to diverge on "deplorables."

True. The mostly white Beltway thinks calling out deplorable racists is the deplorable thing.

"far too many white journalists have a complete blind spot on racism. for a supposedly "liberal" media its really glaring this year."

Notice that outstanding black journalists had a quite different reaction.

"People don't like the "basket of deplorables" comment but that doesn't mean it's wrong."

Donald Trump listened to his campaign for once and hasn't gone too deep on a tangent with Hillary's pneumonia.

For the record she is releasing more records which show that she is fine, and her pneumonia treated by antibiotics is not at all related to her 2012 fall.

Trump claims he will now be releasing something to do with a physical he claimed to have taken last week. Of course, when Trump tells you the check is in the mail you can put that straight into the bank.

Trump is hitting her on 'basket of deplorables' arguing that it's elitist to call out racists.

I for one think this is s big trap for Trump as it puts the issue of his own racist campaign front and center. He'd be better off trying to stay away from race. But he isn't doing that.

Thankfully most Americans see things different than the Beltway media on Trump and race.

"more of the voting public understands the racism in this campaign than the journalists covering it."

That is a blessing:

"Re "deplorables," Post poll finds 57% of college educated whites believe Trump is biased against women/minorities."

So those college educated whites may understand that she only told the truth.

Turns out Americans agree Trump is a bigot:

"On Fox this morning, Donald Trump addressed the two biggest stories of the weekend: He mostly laid low on the news that Hillary Clinton has been diagnosed with pneumonia, saying he hopes she “gets well,” while also tearing into Clinton’s suggestion that half of his voters are bigoted or chauvinistic “deplorables.” These two things are related: The Post reportsthat Trump advisers want him to go easy on Clinton’s health, because they want the focus this week to be on her “deplorables” remark."

"And so, on Fox, Trump had this to say about Clinton’s “deplorables” comment: “I think it’s the single biggest mistake of the political season.”

"But the new Post/ABC News poll released over the weekend raises questions about whether Clinton’s remarks were really a political mistake. If Clinton’s goal was to force a public discussion of Trump’s bigotry and chauvinism, well, the Post poll finds that a large majority of Americans agree with her that Trump is biased against women and minorities, including among the voter groups that Trump needs to improve among in order to win."

"The Post poll, which found Clinton leading Trump by five points among likely voters nationwide, also found that 60 percent of Americans believe Trump “is biased against women and minorities,” with 48 percent believing that strongly. According to the crosstabs, college educated whites believe this by 57-41, and college educated white women — a crucial demographic that the campaigns are fighting over — believe it by 61-39."

"What’s more, majorities of college educated white men and non-college white women also believe this. Indeed, as James Downie puts it: “At this point, the only group of voters that doesn’t think Trump is biased is white men without a college degree.”

So that he intends to run against 'bucket of deplorables' may be a very good thing-if you're a Hillary supporter. 
When Jamelle Bouie said Hillary was right on 'basket of deplorables' some white viewers responded with a lot of 'economic anxiety.'

Brian Beutler:

"Half of the commentators saying “deplorables” was bad can be put in the basket of “economic anxiety” analysts."

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