Sunday, September 4, 2016

Refusing to do a Photo Op With a Bigot Doesn't Make you Hateful

I already wrote about Bishop Wayne Jackson's choice to meet with Trump yesterday at his church. Note that this was not a church service, it was a paid photo op.

Jamil Smith was very tough on this, calling it a day of shame that will tarnish Bishop Jackson. I have to agree.

The reason for such a harsh judgment is that you have to understand what Trump's game plan is. He's trying to win over those suburban whites that want a reason to vote for him, but can't get there as they don't want to vote for a blatant racist.

Keep in mind the blatant part. The GOP usually runs racist appeals but they aren't blatantly so.

So for Jackson to meet with Trump elevates him-while diminishing Jackson. It sends a signal to whites who don't want to vote for a blatant racist that it's ok to vote for him; after all, a black bishop at a major black church met with him and smiled for the photo op.

What got me going on this again was I just saw Jackson on Al Sharpton's show arguing that he agreed to meet with Trump to give him a chance to make his case and that he doesn't want to hate.

Turning down a photo op with a racist isn't hate. The Irish Prime Minister back in June said he'd meet with Trump but he would call him out for being a racist to his face. Of course, Trump decided not to go.

Was that 'hate' on Kenny's part? I think it was good judgment. You don't legitimize a racist by standing at a podium and giving him a politically beneficial photo op.

I get that Jackson doesn't want to be about hate, but about love. I can respect that. But Trump has run on hate and bigotry. Not wanting to hate doesn't mean you elevate bigots by giving them a photo op.

The Mexican President made this same mistake last week. Yes, he did tell Trump privately that he wasn't going to pay for his wall. But he should have done it publicly. Publicly call him out on his bigotry and slander of Mexicans.

Doing it publicly is the only way it wouldn't have been a disaster for President Nieto.

Similarly with Bishop Jackson: he should have publicly called Trump out while he was there for his racism and ask for an apology.

P.S. Tony Schwartz who is the real writer of Art of the Deal:

"Trump doesn't hire black people in leadership roles. And I've never met anyone less interested in religion. #deceit"

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