Monday, September 12, 2016

The Great Beltway Illusion of Journalists

It's a corollary of the Clinton Rules that we've seen out in force since Hillary had just a routine case of pneumonia.  The media is demanding more 'transparency' from Hillary on her health.

We hear that she's not transparent about her health, which ignores the fact that: she has released her medical records unlike Trump.

Sometimes the media admits the existence of the Clinton Rules but they explain it not that the Beltway makes mountains out of molehills because it's the Clintons but the Clintons just aren't transparent enough.

"Clinton has an uncanny knack for making things that shouldn't be a big deal into a big deal. And it ain't "the media" doing it."

Right, the media is innocent. Sure, Trump gets a pass, but this is because this is how voters want it, and the Clintons bring it on themselves by not being transparent enough.

"To be sure Trump isn't transparent at all. But the media gets more bent out of shape over not enough than not at all.

"This kind of mendacity we have not seen. @politico reporters try to explain how Trump gets away with it."

I think part of it is his opponent is Hillary Clinton and the media has an Ahab obsession with bringing her down.

If you're her opponent, whether Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders the media is not going to be too tough on you. They may mention things like Trump not releasing his medical records but there's zero follow through.

Think about this. She's running against the least transparent opponent in modern history. Yet, the media is claiming she's got an issue with transparency!

"They have been pressuring her all along to do more pressers, interviews, etc. and have hit a brick wall over&over."

Uh, is Thrush unaware she did 4 pressers as well as the Commander in Chief Forum, and the 'basket of deplorables' open fund raiser?

I'm pretty sure he's not so this is yet more proof: when it's the Clintons, the press is incapable of being fair-or even honest. How can you still be complaining over pressers after last week?

Media Matters Oliver Willis:

"if only hillary would hit the same medical standards as the trump campaign."

In other news, Mark Halperin is buddying up to racists again.

"stone calls blacks "mandingo" and called clinton a "cunt" and @MarkHalperin buddied up with him."

I totally concur with Willis here:

"my favorite thing about 2016 is reporters realizing liberals dont accept bad reporting in silence anymore."

I've certainly rightly been critical of the media as well. But let me finish with a positive story about a journalist doing something right. I love what Dean Banquet says here-though of course, talk is cheap.

"DEAN BAQUET: I'd risk jail to publish Donald Trump's taxes."

Baquet runs the NY Times. Maybe he feels the need to talk a tough game now with the recent humiliations over shoddy Times coverage: like the scandal that a special passport wasn't issued by the State Department when Bill went to save three Americans in North Korea, 2009.

But I'm glad to hear this is what he aspires to. You Mr. Baquet, your paper and the rest of the media only have 50 something odd days to make good on this desire to get ahold of Donald Trump's taxes.

Glenn Thrush seems to get it:

"To do list for @realDonaldTrump: 1) your real wealth b) your real debts (incl to foreign investors) 3) your real taxes 4) your real weight."

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