Monday, September 19, 2016

If Donald Trump Wins, I Will Never Forgive America, Especially White Folks

Again, as I went through in my last post, I'm not anti white-in truth I'm about 80% white in my own ethinicity and 20% black.

But let's face it: if Trump only has a prayer because a lot of white voters support him. Are they all racist? I wouldn't be so quick to say no.

This is how I put it in my last post:

"Good job white voters. Just think: if the electorate was as white as it was in 1984, Trump would win in a landslide. Does this mean that most white voters are racist? Well, that question takes us back to the whole flack over 'deplorables.' "

"The media got very indignant over the idea that you are assuming that everyone who votes for Trump is a racist. So should we divide Trump supporters into following two groups?"

1. Those who are voting for him because he's a racist.

2. Those who are voting for him despite him being a racist?

So, you know, number 2 voters aren't voting for Trump because he's a racist but despite it. So in other words, they're cool with him being a racist though that's allegedly not what attracts them to him.

Then there is the media that is so white and privileged they act like this is just a battle over 'Taste's Great' and 'Less Fillin'

Howard Finneman who can never stop talking about the fact that Trump can win as if it's some brilliant personal discovery of his can't even wait until November 9 to gloat about Hilary's loss-assuming she loses. He already has an obituary piece on her in today's Huffington Post.

Let's just say I went on an epic rant at Huffpo. I will paste my comments for you here.

"Last I will say about this. This is such a repugnant post, I could be here all day expressing my utter contempt for these three writers."

"If you are gloating about Hillary losing or predicting she's going to lose you are shameful. You ought to be ashamed. That you feel no shame shows how shameful you really are."

"We are close to electing the American Hitler. But the mostly white journalists like Finneman are cool with this. They talk about it in this detached way like a parlor game."

"We have ignorant Bernie or Busters voting for Gary Johnson who wants to eliminate SS and Medicare, the income tax, and gut all environmental regulation."

"Yet we always hear how much these millennials care about environmental regulation. I guess they don't. They don't care about student loans, or raising the MW-Johsons wants to end the MW- or any of the things they claimed are so important to them."

"No, they are all about personalities-which Benrie always warns about. "

"They just want to frustrate 'That Woman's' untoward ambitions. We know how ugly it is for a woman to be so ambitious. "

"For this, electing the American Caesar is a small price to pay. Assuming you're white."

"If you think Trump has a good chance to win you should be out volunteering, phone banking, donating what you can."

"I don't care if you're an elite Beltway journalist or a college student. If you aren't doing everything in your power, right now, today, to make sure we defeat the fascist scourge of Trumpianism, you are shameful."

"I don't care how you justify your motivations in not doing so. I don't care if you're 'uninspired. This is the very future of our country. If making a strong vote of now against Trumpism-racism, authoritarianism, birtherism-is not enough motivation for you, then there is something very warped in your thought process. "

Again, you are truly shameful. Have you no sense of shame?

It's like Obama tells us: don't boo, vote.

Also: don't panic, volunteer, If you're a Berner don't gloat that this vindicates you. Instead, try working as hard as you can to get elected. If you work as hard as you can to get her elected and she still loses, then after the election, we can do a post mortem. That's the time to figure out why.

But if that's your song now, then let's face it: in truth you hope she loses so you can claim that we Dems should have voted for Bernie.

For gloating to be more important to you than repudiating the scourge that is Trumpism is shameful.

You are shameful. But do you feel shame? Just think about what you are not too worried seeing come to power.

Did you see what Trump's surrogate Alex Castellanos said on Meet the Press yesterday?

"Thank goodness the Trump campaign has put that whole “birther” thing behind it with Donald Trump’s 30-second disavowal of the whole thing, which was Hillary Clinton’s fault anyway. But you know, the fact remains that this Barack HUSSEIN Obama sure is a lot different from real Americans, even though Trump has now acknowledged he was born in Hawaii. Trump surrogate Alex Castellanos went on NBC’s Meet the Press Sunday to clear matters up, pointing out that while Donald Trump completely ended birtherism, Hillary Clinton started it because even though she never said anything about Obama’s birthplace in 2008, Clinton strategist Mark Penn certainly mentioned it, which makes her far more culpable than Trump, who merely launched his political career with repeated questions (for years, including this year) about where the mystery man Barack Obama really came from. Besides, the real issue isn’t whether Barack Obama is American. It’s whether he seems American, which he definitely doesn’t."

"I think the big question about Obama is not where he was born or his faith. The big question about Obama has been, has he been — has he considered himself more of a globalist than an American? There is an otherness to this president. And people have tried to exploit that politically in different ways. The Clinton campaign tried to exploit it this way. The way their strategist said, by saying his lack of American roots is an issue."


Castellanos had the gall to say this in the middle of trying to smear Hillary as the true birther. Bear in mind that most of us Hillary supporters voted for President Obama twice. So Trump is essentially trying to have it not just both ways but every conceivable way.

1. Hillary is the real birther, though he's the one who forced the President to release his papers.

2. Trump still takes credit for this.

3. But now those os us who voted for Obama twice are being smeared as the real birthers with Trump the hero that put our smearing of the President we have supported to rest.

4. Chuck Todd looked wholly unperturbed by all this.

As Greg Sargent says, the Republican party is now institutionalizing birtherism.

"So it’s come to this: The institutional position of the Republican Party in the great birther controversy roiling the 2016 campaign — a consequential chapter in our political history — is now essentially that Donald Trump did the nation a service by forcing the first African American president to finally show his papers."

Yet, these Bernie or Busters are ok with this coming to power.
If you have a better word from this than shameful, I'd like to hear it.

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