Sunday, September 4, 2016

Another Prominent White Politician Attended a Black Church Recently

Of course, there was no media circus over it, no feeding frenzy, no one treated it as at all notable. Tim Kaine. But then it was not his first time.

"Tim Kaine doesn't need an entourage to attend a black church he's been doing it for decades. #TrumpInDetroit

Kaine attends a black church weekly. No fanfare, and he never expects a statue built to him simply for showing up.

Hillary Clinton of course is also a fixture at black churches and has been for 40 years. The media would never seek to even highlight this fact.

Of course, to say that Donald Trump attended a 'black church' is getting carried away. He paid for this photo op. As Al Sharpton says, Trump's fake black outreach-it's not aimed at blacks but suburban whites-insults the intelligence of black people.

The Detroit mayor also has no use for it.

Detroit mayor slams "phony" Trump's visit to black church

Because this is phony outreach there were a lot of empty seats in the big auditorium.

Nowhere near a full crowd as Trump enters (far left)


"If a picture speaks a thousand words, the message here is that African-Americans have seen so thoroughly through Donald Trump’s odd mix of racist divisiveness and racial pandering that they’re not even willing to listen to him when he visited their church. One of Trump’s own surrogates recently quipped that if Trump ever held a campaign event in a black neighborhood, no more than five people would show up. It turns out that number wasn’t much of an exaggeration."

"Meanwhile the most recent national polling suggests that Donald Trump’s favorability rating with African-American voters is at literally zero percent even as he lags in the polls across all voters."
Of course, this is not about black voters. It's about suburban white voters looking for an excuse to vote for a racist. That is why Jamil Smith made this very strong comment:

"Even if he doesn't claim to be a Trump supporter, @bishopwtjackson is forever stained by this. This is shameful."

The reason why this is not hyperbole is that Jackson is allowing black people at his church to be used as Donald Trump's props in his attempt to convince suburban white people to vote for a bigot.

The worry in this and that sad meeting in Mexico is not that blacks and Latinos vote Trump: they are 'staying woke.'

The worry is that this will give enough white voters who don't want to vote for a blatant racist permission.
For a black preacher to allow black folks to be used to give white folks permission to vote for a racist truly is shameful.

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