Friday, September 2, 2016

Mexico Will Pay for the Wall, They Just Don't Know it Yet

Rather awkward after what Mexican President Pena Nieto said but this was Trump's response: Mexico will pay for it, they just don't know it yet.

Turns out that was a last minute line that was added on after Nieto's later revelations. I'm assuming it's fact as the Trump team explanation doesn't actually contradict Nieto, just that Trump didn't respond at all as there was for some reason no reason to respond.

"Donald Trump Revised Immigration Speech After Mexican Leader’s Tweet."

"Republican added wording about border wall at last minute after President Enrique Peña Nieto said his nation wouldn’t pay for it."

Yep. As Nate Silver says, #TeamShitShow wins on the Mexico trip.

"4th down. Trump back to throw. And it's... PICKED OFF by Peña Nieto! #TeamShitshow's gonna win this football game!"

With the Donald Trump campaign you always bank on #TeamShitShow. You will never be let down. As Josh Marshall always says.

Back to the Wall St. Journal:

"Just after landing, though, Mr. Trump discovered that Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto had tweeted that he had told the Republican presidential nominee during their private meeting earlier that day that his country would refuse to pay for the wall."

"Mr. Trump was peeved that Mr. Peña Nieto had gone public with the fact that the Mexican president had broken what Mr. Trump considered a deal to keep the question of paying for the wall off the table at their initial meeting."

"So Mr. Trump hurriedly inserted a new sentence in his immigration speech, and he soon boomed out from the podium his traditional declaration that the wall would be paid for by Mexico—adding, “They don’t know it yet but they’re going to pay for the wall.”

“I had no choice,” Mr. Trump said in an interview on Thursday. But he also said of the Mexican president, “I liked him very much.”

In other news, it's come out that Trump has been given a script when he visits the black church this weekend.

First he was going to speak. Then he wasn't. Now he will speak again.

Seeing that this is Pastor Mark Burn's church I don''t think it's going to help Trump too much. In any case, as Greg Sargent says, it's not just that Trump goes off script. The script itself isn't much.

"This confirms something this blog has discussed before: Trump’s new team of handlers is trying to morph him into a more conventional Republican on race in particular, by getting him to stick to a broad indictment of liberal Democratic rule as the primary culprit in holding African Americans back. Airbrushed out of the Trump narration are the more patronizing layers he has been heaping on top of this basic storyline — the exaggerated depiction of African American life as an irredeemable hellscape; the idea that African Americans mindlessly choose the party that’s trying to hold them back."

"Those Trump moments probably damaged him further among African Americans, and, in part because they created big media controversies that angered them, probably did nothing to help him with college educated whites, who view him unfavorably and believe he is running a racist, divisive campaign. Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway has explicitly said Trump “deserves credit” for merely taking his case to black communities. This new script suggests that his advisers are merely hoping to get him in and out of them — thus securing him credit for showing up — without doing more damage."

"But those additional patronizing layers aren’t really examples of Trump going “off script.” They are Trump’s script. They are natural expressions of his whole approach, i.e., the idea that only he is politically incorrect enough to tell the truth about what is happening to America, even if it pisses a lot of people off, and by extension, only he is tough enough to deal with it. The new script isn’t simply designed to keep him from going off script. It’s arewrite of his script."

Certainly, the normal GOP script is no good if the goal is for Trump to register 1% among AA voters.

Meanwhile, with the selection of David Bossie, of Citizen's United, and someone who was too extreme in his fomenting of Clinton scandals for Newt Gingrich, Trump is tripling down on his rogues' gallery.

"When you hire the presidents of Breitbart and Citizens United, you're not running a campaign so much as forming a rogues gallery."

You wonder why the campaign is in trouble. 

"Inside Trump Tower: Facing grim reality

Three weeks until early voting, the campaign scrambles to pick a path and stay on it.

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