Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Trump Tries to Take Attention off of Trump Foundation by Releasing More Fake Medical Information

Trump allegedly released the results of a physical on the Dr. Oz show today after earlier his campaign had said he wouldn't.

First of all, Dr. Oz is a charlatan.

"Brutal 2013 @NewYorker piece on Trump's Dr Oz -- in which colleague says he wouldn't trust Oz to care for his family."

As to this physical, we don't know much about what if anything is in it. It's hard to see what we know now we didn't know from Trump's original quack doctor, Bornstein.

An audience member at Dr. Oz argued Trump says he's healthy and she believes him because 'Look at him.'

That audience member sounds like a medical specialist to me.

So we've gone from one quack doctor to another quack doctor.

If you think Donald Trump handing a one-page health summary from Dr. Bornstein to Dr. Oz qualifies as transparency, you’re very wrong."

Glenn Thrush:

"Trump 'transparency' -handing one-page note from doc who admitted ginning up last note to a TV doc whose professionalism has been questioned."

"Promises from the Trump campaign of greater transparency about the GOP nominee's health fizzled Wednesday amid a blizzard of conflicting statements from the campaign and almost comical levels of TV puffery."

"Early reports from Trump's much ballyhooed TV appearance on Dr. Mehmet Oz's show, which was taped Wednesday afternoon, suggest little new about Trump's health was revealed. Trump merely gave the TV doctor a one-page summary of his physical examination, which was conducted by none other than gastroenterologist Dr. Harold Bornstein, the same doctor that wrote Trump "will be the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency."

"The campaign has still promised to release the results from Trump's latest physical, but it's unclear when the campaign will do so and in what detail."

"Reports on Trump's big reveal to Dr. Oz culminated a day filled with confusing signals from the campaign on how and when Trump would share his medical records. On Wednesday morning, the Trump campaign said that the candidate would not share results from his physical during the interview, only for Trump to turn around and hand Dr. Oz a one-page summary of the results."

Why can't Hillary be transparent like Trump?

But while this is a joke as for an transparency about his medical information-we still know nothing about his health just as we know nothing about his policies or his true financial position-what it did was take the big story off the front page: Kurt Einchenwald's big Newsweek piece on the Trump Foundation and just how many conflicts of interest are involved with it.

This is all about changing the subject:

He is playing you guys like a Stradivarius. Dominating news instead of Newsweek story, trump Foundation. Pathetic."

"While Trump didn't release meaningful health records and is getting some criticism for that, meanwhile, the media this takes attention off the Newsweek story. "

"A reality tv doctor with lots of controversy sits down with reality tv candidate with lots of controversy ... And it is covered seriously."

"While Trump Foundation, business dealings with Russian oligarchs, largely ignored or dealt with as one-offs."

Indeed. The big Newsweek piece on the TF should be the big story.

As the media won't do its job, Hillary is doing it for them. Women have to do everything.

"20 questions Trump needs to answer on his dangerous foreign business ties—and the national security risks they pose."

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