Friday, September 16, 2016

You Don't Get to Foment Birtherism for 5 Years Then Talk about Your Childcare Plan

There is something of a mini debate on Hillary's strategy going forward. Has she focused too much on Trump's clear unfitness for the job to the exclusion of the more positive case for her candidacy?

I don't think it's possible to overstate Trump's unfitness for office and danger to the country. But it's arguable that she needs to talk up herself a little more as her favorability numbers have been weak.

Though I do notice that her numbers have been improving which suggests that all the talk of Trump's momentum may be backwards looking. A new Economist/YouGov poll has her at 46% approve and 53% disapprove that is the best she's had in that poll since December 2015.

Also I notice that while she was back down to being 37-58 in late August, early September in Gallup, now she is back up to 40-55 in today's Gallup poll-of the last 7 days.

Trump on the other hand had risen since mid August but is back down to 34-61 in Gallup now.

To be sure, it;s hard to pivot from birtherism when Trump again steps neck deep in the issue.

But really, Trump must not be allowed to turn the page on birtherism which is is legacy. It got him into politics. He forced the first black President to humiliate himself by showing his own papers publicly to prove he's legitimate. He continues to suggest Obama didn't earn his law degree.

Now Trump won't show us his own tax returns.

Now-what? He gets treated like a normal candidate discussing normal issues?

"...OK, you are still holding onto this racist conspiracy theory but lets talk about your childcare plan

A few things to keep sight of.

1. Trump hasn't just not apologized. He hasn't even acknowledged that he lied.

2. He is still insultingly insisting that his research' in 2011 led to the good outcome of Obama releasing his records and proving his legitimacy. Because, you see, Donald Trump gets to decide on Obama's legitimacy.

While he doesn't have to show you his own legitimacy with his tax returns, business, record, health records, etc.

3. He not only didn't admit he was lying but added another big lie.

"Pretending that Clinton started #birtherism is the new #birtherism"

Now it's true that POTUS elections should be about the issues. But that's not what Trump's candidacy has been about. Pretending otherwise is a gross disservice. 

Regarding any more fake apologies, Obama wants no part of it.

Sorry. Like Maya Angelou said: 'When someone shows you who they are the first time, you believe them.

You get him, Harry Reid:

"Why has he let his drag on for years, and then the man has the audacity, the ability to lie like no one I've ever seen,” Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid said on CNN. “Well, Hillary's the one that brought it up. There couldn't be anything further that the truth. He's a liar, and I don't know if we should give any credence to anything the man says.”

Read more:

Again, as I argued earlier today, deplorables was not a gaffe it was a trap.

"Rep. Gregory Meeks (D- N.Y.) invoked Clinton's "deplorables" line to slam Trump, saying Trump is simply reviving the controversy that he and others have used to try to undermine Obama."

“It seems to me that Donald Trump was trying to divide this country even when he started his birther comments to say that an African-American could not be president of this country,” Meeks said. “None of those individuals that were American heroes that talked are deplorable, but some of the things that Donald Trump himself does is, in fact, deplorable and I believe what he did today is deplorable.”

"Interim chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee Donna Brazile called on Trump to apologize."

"Donald Trump cannot walk away from this racist lie with a shrug and a wink," Brazile said in a statement. "He must apologize to President Obama, his family, and the American people for this hateful and divisive lie."

Read more:

P.S. The silver lining is the press is ticked after Trump bilked them on his promised press conference today. As Katy Tur pointed out, Hillary gave at least 4 pressers in the last few weeks. Trump has given none. And he really conned them today.

It got so bad, CNN was shamed into covering the CBC response which I watched and was excellent.

One good thing out of Racist Donald Trump's live press con job this morning is it shamed the networks into covering the full CBC response.

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