Thursday, September 15, 2016

Cable News Transfixed With Dr. Oz's Fake Medical Records Ignoring Newsweek Story on Trump Organization

In the morning I checked out the major cable news shows and was not too impressed.

Mostly they are covering Trump's release of his fake medical records on the leading fake doctor's show, Dr. Oz.

Guys, these aren't detailed medical records

Even more egregiously, in what should be the most important question-Kurt Eichenwald had a deep dive into just how incestuous with foreign entanglements and conflicts of interest in Newsweek yesterday-there was little reported on Cable at least.

Hillary has 20 very good questions for Trump on this. But cable news is not terribly interested.

Paul Waldman for his part is issuing a very much needed challenge to his fellow journalists.

"But in all the attention being paid to the candidates’ health, I fear we’re losing sight of what actually matters when we get so caught up in questions like this. At the same time, we haven’t yet paid nearly enough attention to another absolutely stunning lack of disclosure with profound implications for the presidency and American policy."

"Donald Trump is currently the CEO of a company with an extraordinarily complex web of interests and arrangements both here in the United States and around the world that could be directly affected by his decisions as president, and he refuses to tell us what they are. The fact that we’re expending so much effort worrying about how many hours it took Hillary Clinton to share her diagnosis of a perfectly treatable illness — or what Trump did or didn’t share with Dr. Oz — when the question of his business interests is still unresolved is positively insane."

"If you haven’t already read Kurt Eichenwald’s investigative piece about the ways Trump’s business partnerships in places like India, Turkey, and the United Arab Emirates often put his financial interests in direct conflict with American foreign policy and national security interests, you should. It should be the beginning of an enormous journalistic mobilization, because at the moment we know only a small portion of the facts. But the most critical fact about this story is that Trump’s interests are ongoing. As president, his own bank account would be affected profoundly by the decisions he makes as president."

"And to repeat, he refuses to tell us what those interests are. He won’t release details about his company, and he won’t release his tax returns, unlike every nominee for the last 40 years."

An enormous journalistic mobilization. Are the Beltway journalists up to the task? The first morning after Eichenwald's piece hit was not auspicious.

Listened to @MorningJoe on my @Newsweek article. @MarkHalperin described a story unrelated to what I wrote, then dismissed his straw man."

"4 every minute spent by reporters talking bout dr oz con job, another student shuld drop out of journalism school. This profession is dying."

The amount of time supposed news organizations spent covering Trump's publicity stunt on the Dr. Oz show is a national embarrassment."

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