Saturday, September 3, 2016

Other Readers Giving Nanute a Run for His Money

It's that time of the month. Yes, telethon time. Where I thank my readers for everything but also ask that they remember to give their boy Mike a little love too.

I say it's a telethon but it's not really. If you want to contribute you don't even have to send a donation.

You can simply buy any Amazon products you normally buy through one of the many Amazon links at the top or the right side of this blog. As you can see, I like books. But whatever you normally buy on Amazon, remember: it costs you know more to buy it of a link on this blog.

And you put a few dollars into your humble author's pocket in the bargain. Which really helps. I don't do this just for the money. I do it mostly because I'm passionate about ideas, about knowledge, and certainly about politics.

I want to influence the public debate for the better if possible. But if I can actually make money doing what I'm passionate about and love, it's a win-win.

And let's face it. I love Josh Marshall, Greg Sargent, or Matt Yglesias to say nothing about Paul Krugman. but all of these bright gentleman get paid for everything they write.

While they do great work, with all due modesty I consider my writing pretty good as well. So if you agree try to remember to purchase all Amazon products in a link off of Last Men and OverMen.

I know a lot of Clinton supporters I speak to online disdain that MSM. Well, the MSM gets paid handsomely to mislead the public. Isn't it fair that I get something for trying to correct the record?

Again, usually my fellow New Yorker, Nanute, leads the pack in terms of buying Amazon stuff off of the blog.

But lately, I notice I've got some other readers giving him a run for his money. And what do they buy? Turns out all kinds of things.

While I like books-I really like books-there are folks who buy an awful lot of cat food off the Amazon links.

Others buy purchase everything from gourmet food, to accessories, to beauty products, men's ties, to herbal supplements.

That's the great thing about Amazon, It has everything. And I can't think of any company that treats its customers so fairly.

When I try to buy the same book again-as I have bought so many I forgot I already bought a particular one it lets me know I already bought it.

They always answer any questions/problems you have quickly on their phone line. Amazon has managed to show that you can thumb your nose at Wall St. analysts who always want you to cut costs and live to tell about it, as their stock price has more than doubled in the last few years.

Ok, so the telethon is over for today at least. LOL.

Seriously, thanks for reading and come back often. 

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