Sunday, June 5, 2016

The Fuhrer Over Trump

This morning the front page of the NY Post declares that Hillary is baiting her fans into calling Trump a Nazi.

As Tom Brown, Greg, and other regular readers of Last Men and OverMen know, I've given Trump the moniker Hitler 2.0. If the mustache fits wear it. So I started calling Trump Hitler before Hillary started baiting fans. Though I'm very pleased to see her do this.

After all, Trump is a great admirer of Hitler, keeping a book of his speeches locked in the cabinet by his bed. He has also said admiring things of many of the world's dictators-Putin, Kim Jong-un, the Chinese government during the Tinanmen Square massacre. He has tweeted quotes from Mussolini.

Then his own conduct is very much one of a dictator. He has already threatened a crackdown on the media. He's talked about loosening the libel laws, of going after the Washington Post, of suing Jeff Bezos. etc.

Hillary is right to point out that he's not trying to be our next President, but our first dictator.

Hillary Clinton went there.

“We are trying to elect a president, not a dictator,” she said of presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump at a campaign rally here on Friday, just days before the California Democratic primary."

"After a day of ripping into Trump over his comments on immigration and his repeated insistence that an Indiana-born judge would not treat him fairly because of his Mexican heritage, the comment was Clinton’s starkest yet."

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Trump keeps doing things that prove her right. He wants to be dictator, not President.

Consider his response to her very strong Thursday speech. Greg pointed me to a piece that Scott Adams did where even he was impressed by Hillary's tactics there.

"It appears that the Clinton campaign has wisely decided to abandon its claim to reason, facts, and other losing strategies, and go “full fear” as their persuasion theme. The idea is that pairing Trump with nuclear war will make him unelectable."

"That could work!"

"Fear is a strong motivator. It is even stronger than Make America Great, because fear generally tops opportunity in our emotional priorities. If Clinton turns up the fear-o-meter to maximum, that’s all anyone will remember."

Many pundits normally not friendly to Hillary argue that she was able to successfully troll Trump-unlike his GOP primary opponents like Jeb and Rubio who tended to diminish themselves even more than Trump.

So here is Trump's response to that piece of expert trolling:

"This is the stuff of which dangerous dictatorships are made. Trump is now threatening to use criminal prosecution of Hillary as political revenge. Twice on Friday I heard CBS radio network news reports on KCBS-AM in San Francisco, that Trump said that if he is elected, he will seek to have Hillary “prosecuted” and “jailed.” The way he said it sounded clearly like a personal vendetta. One of his statements came at a rally, the other in an interview for Face the Nation that airs this Sunday on CBS television. I did some quick searching online ( to come up with more, below."

"There is no overstating exactly how dangerous this is."

"The use of the mechanisms of the law to “settle scores” between competing candidates for office, is something we think of as occurring in dictatorships far away, run by tyrants with thin skins, huge egos, and petty grudges. I can’t recall an instance in at least a century when anything like it happened here. Even Nixon’s “enemies list” did not include seeking to prosecute the opposing candidates in the 1968 and 1972 elections. "

And yet, here we are."

If this is what candidate Trump is saying what will President Trump be saying-and even worse, doing?

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