Friday, June 17, 2016

Bernie Loses Tom Brown

It's over, Bernie has lost Tom Brown:

"I've never been as negative on Bernie as you have Mike, but he's started to really bug me lately. If he really wants to stop Trump like he says, he needs to change course. Like you point out he lost by every measure. I don't understand why that's not penetrating his thick skull. Is he still hoping Clinton gets indicted?"

Yet he still wonders why he's lost his leverage and wonders when it might be coming back. Answer is: it won't.

At this point, even among those who are not hardcore Hillary supporters-and hence negative on Bernie-as many of us, are over it.

It's clear the nomination was fair, the voters have spoken clearly and yet Bernie is still hanging around.

He is coming to seem the sore loser.

One of the cornerstones of our system of government is we respect the voters and we respect the system. When the choice is made, you accept it. I was for Hillary in 2008 but within a week I was on the Obama train.

Bernie seems like a sore loser, and maybe out of touch with reality. This just sounds bizarre:

"Is Bernie Sanders still running for president? Jeff Weaver: "Yes he is."
Imagine if the Carolina Panthers were still saying they have a chance to win the Super Bowl?
On the other hand, Weaver admits that Bernie has given up on flipping SDs. 
Tom is not the only one over Bernie. Goldie Taylor:

For those who do not speak Twitter, this freely rendered means something like: 'Shaking my motherfucking head.'

As Greg Sargent says, the only route for Bernie to have more leverage now is to endorse Hillary.

Nothing he says until then will be taken very seriously.

"MEDIA MOVES ON FROM COVERING BERNIE: Yamiche Alcindor adds this biting detail about last night’s speech:

"As Mr. Sanders spoke of continuing his political revolution, much of the mainstream media that he regularly bemoans had moved on. CNN dedicated its coverage to the Orlando massacre, while Fox News hosts discussed the scourge of terrorism. MSNBC aired the beginning of his remarks live and then cut away. But Mr. Sanders’s core supporters, who have given his cause voice on Twitter for more than a year, were still there for him. The hashtag #OurRevolution became the fourth-most popular in the United States as he spoke."

"The end of campaigns is often a wrenching experience for those who poured their souls into it for months and months."

* IS BERNIE LOSING HIS LEVERAGE? Politico’s Gabriel Debenetti suggests that Sanders may actually be losing his leverage over the convention, as his top supporters begin to announce that they are backing Clinton:

"It’s the one thing he’s been bleeding every day ever since he dropped California’s primary by a much wider-than-expected margin last week. Sanders’ summer was supposed to be all about building leverage for the Democratic convention, providing him with a better hand to play as he presses Clinton to accept his policy positions and party reform suggestions. Now, the people closest to him aren’t sure how exactly to get it back."

"One idea: Endorse Clinton, throw the Sanders movement’s energy into defeating Trump, and reconstitute it as a vehicle to pressure Clinton from the left, should she win."


  1. And meanwhile John McCain has gone full wackadoodle:

  2. Yes. it seems all you have to do to get McCain's support is make fun of him being a POW.

    Now McCain will vote for him, not criticize him, and is even talking like him now