Sunday, December 6, 2015

San Bernandino Suspects' Family Lawyer is a Sandy Hook Truther

The GOPers aren't happy about the liberal media talking about gun control in the wake of San Bernandino-and Colorado Springs.

Chris Christie claims that what happened in San Bernandino has nothing to do with guns. Nothing at all. Right it's not like the killers used guns, or had a huge stockpile of firearms and ammo. Oh wait.

"Several Republican presidential candidates on Saturday denounced The New York Times’ front-page editorial on guns, instead suggesting that Americans are safer with guns in hand."

"Texas Sen. Ted Cruz riled up a crowd in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, when he offered up his take on the Saturday morning opinion: “Let me tell the editors of the Times something: you don’t stop the bad guys by taking away our guns. You stop the bad guys by using our guns.”

"New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, also in Iowa this weekend, told POLITICO he “didn’t read it” but called it a “liberal clap trap.”

“The fact is that what happened in San Bernardino had nothing to do with gun control and they know it and they just want to try to exploit it for their point of view,” Christie said, adding, “that’s their right as a newspaper."

"Donald Trump, still leading in a number of national polls, was asked about the editorial during his campaign rally in Spencer, Iowa, on Saturday morning."

"While he didn’t directly attack the Times’ opinion, Trump said he feels “very strongly” that Americans and people elsewhere need their own personal protection."

“If you look at what happened in California, they didn’t have guns, they were slaughtered. they could’ve protected themselves if they had guns."

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Right, the answer to more gun violence is more guns. There's no way you can stop criminals from acquiring guns. No possible way to make it harder for them to get it.

It's been a great thing that both the Daily News and now the NY Times have coming out so forcefully for gun control.

Of course, because the San Bernandino shooters were Muslims who may have been radicalized by Jihadist ideology this now has nothing to do with guns. It's just about 'radical Islam.'

What's interesting though is that the Republicans have an ally in the attorney for the shooters' families. For some reason this guy is claiming that Sandy Hook was a false flag shooting. Much like that Oregon sheriff, whose own county later got hit at the community college.
"We're watching a press conference held by two lawyers who represent the extended family of the suspected San Bernardino massacre attackers. That is, to put it mildly, a pretty challenging position to be in. But, I must say, they are doing about as badly at it as you can possibly imagine. As we noted, one of the two, David Chesley, earlier today floated the idea that not only were we not getting the full story about this attack (certainly a possibility and a reasonable question to ask) but that the Sandy Hook massacre may have been a false flag hoax. That claim certainly doesn't build a lot of confidence."

"In the course of this news conference, Chesley has falsely claimed that President Obama uses every mass shooting to call for the banning of all guns in the United States. He's also noted that often times gun owners (including himself) will stock up on thousands of rounds of ammunition to get a better price (again, probably true at least sometimes). But he also added that this is because the DHS is stockpiling ammunition and making it impossible to law abiding gun owners to buy ammo. That's getting into sort of weird territory"

"He also said we need to defend the Second Amendment. Again, no less than President Obama says he believes the the Second Amendment protects a personal right to bear arms. But when you're trying to explain some context to an attack, that the family knew nothing about it and condemns it, I'm not sure explaining why the couple might have had an innocent reason to stockpiling ammunition is helpful when no one seems to be questioning that they used a lot of the ammunition to massacre dozens of people."

"Again, I think a lot of this is just a lawyer who doesn't have a lot of experience in this kind of extremely high profile case. Some of things he said aren't really wrong so much as not terribly relevant or helpful to his clients. Other points sound like he's a regular on the Alex Jones show. Just weird stuff."

So now the terrorists' family lawyer is speaking out against gun control. Will the gun nuts embrace him?

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