Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Reince Priebus Opens With a Pep Talk

In an unusual twist he kicked off the main debate with a little soliloquy about what a competent national party does. It sounded just a little bit wistful-he kind of wishes he could claim that this describes the 2016 Republican party.

He then went on to urge everyone to focus on being unifying and that everyone ask themselves who the most unifying candidates might just be.

Hmmm. Then we got this comment from Josh Marsahll at 8:42 on his liveblogging:

" It seems like a real disservice to have Kasich and Paul and probably Bush and Christie and Fiorina in this debate."

Gee, I couldn't have said that better myself. Also notable early as Marshall also points out-Kasich is toning it down. Howie Carr also noted this on his Twitter page. I guess the whole half-cocked 'What happened to my party?! Donald Trump is crazy!!' thing didn't get the traction he had hoped. 

natesilver: Look, Kasich doesn’t have a ton of money, he has no sign of momentum, and he’s been a little bit valedictory lately in critiquing Trump and the state of the race. To me, that makes him a poor man’s Lindsey Graham.

Also the other candidates are conspicuous in their silence in criticizing the Trump Muslim ban. As well they might be-I mean talk about pot-kettle.

P.S. To recap the first debate-Lindsay Graham and George Pataki think Trump is about as bad as Hillary Clinton, Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum disagree, Graham is very hawkish-wants 10,000 troops in both Iraq and Syria, don't you know?-they all want to go after social media in the fight against terrorism and Lindsay Graham is the one person in America who misses George W. Bush. '

Well W is the one guy less popular than Lindsay Graham. 

P.S.S. I can't help but note the cheering was louder for the Trump defenders than the Trump critics at the Kid's Table. 

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