Monday, December 21, 2015

Listening to Jeb Bush is Like Eating Your Broccoli Without the Health Benefits

Actually I have no especial problem with broccoli, it tastes ok to me, though it's not my favorite thing, but it has that reputation. But there is no health benefit for listening to Jeb.

Daily News Bin picks up on the idea that Jeb is running as the Eyeeore candidate

"Jeb Bush has turned into such a sad sack loser during the 2016 campaign that if he weren’t the guy who once ruined the lives of millions of public school students for his own personal gain, I’d feel sorry for him. His poll numbers almost literally can’t go any lower, within the margin of error of zero. But the surprising part isn’t that Jeb is losing – did anyone really think America was dumb enough to elect a third Bush? – it’s that he’s become just so darn sad."

"He actually told Face The Nation this morning that he likes being this far down in the polls because it takes away the pressure that came with having been oh so briefly been his party’s frontrunner when this all started. Worse, he sounded like he wasn’t trying to convince the public, but rather convince himself, that losing is easier. How is this the same guy who was once so arrogantly condescending as the Governor of Florida that even those who despised his opportunistic corruption had to admit that the man was efficient with his evil?"

Yes, I've written about Jeb's rather nightmarish stint as Florida Governor-for Florida residents that was-I can't find the post for now but if I find it will link it later. How the pompous have fallen.

"But this new Jeb Bush, the serial moper who can’t figure out how to outsmart his halfwit reality show host of an opponent, I don’t recognize this guy. There was a time when Jeb was, love him hate or him, Darth Vader. He mowed people over and got away with anything he wanted. Then at some point in this campaign he became Vader without a helmet, just a sad guy laying around waiting for it to be over. But now he’s something even more depressing: he’s already become Eeyore, the depressed donkey who can’t find his lost tail, from Winnie the Pooh. And the primaries don’t even start for two months."

I think this has a lot to do with Trump. If you notice, the only thing Jeb wants to talk about is Donald Trump these days, Indeed, at a rally on Saturday he called Trump a jerk and then declared that this was really therapeutic for him.

Sure he's happy polling at 2 percent if it gives him therapy.

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