Thursday, December 17, 2015

Trump Seems to Have Putin's Vote

It sounds like Putin and Trump would get along famously-maybe they know each other already, I don't know. 

"The love between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin appears to be mutual, if the Russian president's latest comments Thursday are any indication."

"According to an Interfax report of his annual year-end news conference, Putin called the Republican presidential candidate "a very bright and talented man," as well as an "absolute leader" in the race for the presidency. (Another account, from Reuters, translated Putin as saying Trump is "a very flamboyant man.")

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Yes flamboyant-says the Russian President who took a picture of himself shirtless sitting on a horse. 

"He says that he wants to move to another level of relations, to a deeper level of relations with Russia. How can we not welcome that? Of course we welcome it," Putin said, according to Reuters' report.

The Russian president also said that it is none of his business "to assess tricks Donald Trump [is] using to boost his popularity," according to Interfax.

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Putin knows how the game is played. It seems to me these two guys have a lot in common. It'd be interesting to hear what Putin has to say about Chris Christie's big talk 'Look we're going to shoot down Russian planes and if that starts WWIII so be it.'

With all the talk about Trump's temperament, the one who really sounds clueless is the allegedly serious NJ Governor. Rand Paul had a good line-that's the kind of thing you might expect from someone who shut down the George Washington Bridge for political reasons.

Even strategically, it makes no sense if the objective is to defeat ISIS, to pick a fight with Russia. But so Christie and the other chick hawk Neocons like Kasich and friends want to do. 

Speaking of Putin, he did make a very perceptive comment when he did 60 Minutes about a month and a half ago: so much of US foreign policy is driven by domestic politics. 


  1. I agree Trump and Putin seem like natural buds. I don't think Trump has *yet* spent much time vilifying Putin, but should there be an advantage to it, I don't think a little thing like threatening WWIII would stop Trump. I think Trump does and says what he perceives to be good for Trump. That's his only concern.

  2. I agree which is sort of like Putin. But I still believe that there's a design in what he does too.

    He's strategic. He's a vain opportunist yes but that's easier to deal with than a True Believer type.