Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Vote for Lindsay Graham He's Been to Iraq 36 Times

First thought about the Kid's Table debate: Why are we still having a Kid's Table debate? Could these folks-Pataki, Mike Huckabee, Rick Santorum and Lindsay Graham be less relevant? Is it for the ratings, full stop?

I guess Senator Graham is sort of relevant unlike former Senator Santorum and the two former Governors: Graham is clearly running as a protest candidate who wants the GOP to warm up to the idea of ground troops in Syria.

The other thing that stands out is that the candidates-both Graham and Pataki especially are probably attacking Donald Trump as much as they are Hillary Clinton.

Fairly enough, Wolf Blitzer asked Graham if that means he wouldn't support Trump in the general-after all Graham talked about what a disaster Trump's ban would have on the war against ISIS.

After going out on that limb Graham rather weakly said 'Well if he's our nominee, he's our nominee. I will support our nominee.'

Overall, Graham's whole thing is about being the biggest hawk in the world. The CNN pundits before the debate talked about which candidate will offer actual specifics. But this isn't what the base reacts to. The President has specifics. The demand for toughness has nothing to do with that. You want specifics about fighting ISIS, your candidate is Hillary Clinton.

P.S. Pataki went off on Trump's 'know nothing campaign' but then maybe a little self consciously-after all this is supposed to be a Republican debate he used the usual GOP Establishment weak sauce argument-Trump is awful but he's the fault of Obama and Hillary refusing to say Islamic terrorism. 

P.S.S. But what have we hear? Rick Santorum defends Trump as not attacking Muslims, but against the President's lack of a policy to vet people coming into the country. This got a much bigger applause than the wizened comments of Graham and Pataki

Huckabee then declared that 'I'm not so scared of Donald Trump and I'd rather have him be our President than Hillary Clinton andy day of the week.'

So you have the two moderates-Graham and Pataki hitting Trump just about as hard as Hillary but the two fundamentalist conservatives, Santorum and Huckabee defending him. 

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