Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The Chutzpah Is all Yours Jeb

All Jeb has been able to talk about lately is Donald Trump. He has been declaring from roof tops that Trump is not going to be the nominee and can't insult his way to the presidency. He seems to think this is helping him, though according to Frank Luntz's focus group, most Republicans who watched him against Trump were on Trump's side not his.

Saturday Night Live also scored it for Trump big time. Jeb came across as an entitled scold. But whether it helps his campaign or not, appears not to matter to him-after all, he told his sparse crowd on Saturday-attacking Trump is therapeutic for him.

It's hard to imagine Jeb looking any sillier but his sudden defense of 'chaos candidate' Donald Trump does just that.

“Hillary Clinton suggesting that Donald Trump is being used in an ISIS recruiting video, man, talk about chutzpah,” Bush said Monday on Bill Bennett’s radio show, as highlighted by BuzzFeed News. “There’s no evidence of that. There’s no evidence of that at all.”

"The defense is unusual coming from Bush, who has been harshly critical of Trump during the Republican presidential race, calling him the “chaos candidate” and saying he can’t “insult his way to the presidency.”

"Still, even as he backed Trump in the fight against Clinton, Bush emphasized that he doesn’t support Trump’s proposal to temporarily ban most Muslims from entering the United States."

UPDATE: By the way no evidence of something is not proof it's false. I don't need evidence that standing on the railroad tracks when the train is coming is a bad idea but that doesn't mean I'm going to do it. There may well be no evidence that I beat my wife. Which makes it worse not better.

Right, Jeb doesn't want to ban all Muslims, which would be unreasonable just all Muslim refugees which is totally reasonable.

Apparently, all his sanctimonious talk about how unserious Trump is was not so serious after all.

By the way, a great pickup by Greg Sargent that Josh Marshall also picked up on. The turn in the last few days following her talk of Trump as a recruitment tool is exactly what  Hillary wants. It's as if the general election has already started and it's a Clinton-Trump matchup.

On every level this is a great thing-and as noted, Jeb is undercutting his claim that Trump is not going to be the GOP nominee by defending him here. In defending him here, Jeb is also legitimizing him as the GOP frontrunner.

As Sargent says, both Trump and Clinton are happy about this little fracas:

"Donald Trump continues to rage against Hillary Clinton over her suggestionduring the Democratic debate that Trump has become “ISIS’s best recruiter.” Clinton argued that terrorists are using videos of Trump insulting Islam to “recruit more radical jihadists,” and Trump has demanded an apology."

"The Clinton camp has since walked back the video comment, though her advisers continue to point to social media evidence of the broader claim that Trump’s rhetoric has become a terror recruiting tool. The Clinton camp has refused Trump’s demand for an apology."

"Make no mistake: Both Trump and Clinton must be very happy to be embroiled in this spat. Indeed, the Clinton camp has cheerfully fed the flames of this fight, in what appears to be a concerted effort to boost Trump among GOP voters. The theory may be that Trump benefits among those voters if he is perceived as a chief antagonist of Clinton, thus helping him spread more intra-GOP damage."

"...this takes the Clinton camp’s trolling of GOP voters to another level: Hillary is attacking Trump because Democrats are afraid that he’ll become the nominee!!!"

Yes-this is a great way to boost Trump's standing with the base. The GOP Establishment has been trying to gain traction for the idea that Trump is not electable. All of this in the mind of the base-though not in reality-undercuts that. 
I mentioned last week that Howie Carr was getting a little cool on Trump last week. Yesterday he was much more positive-and of course was blasting Hillary over the 'lie' that Trump's videos will boost ISIS. 
The other part of the 11 dimensional chess is in making Trump the face of the Republican party-even if he's not the nominee. So it's a win-win for Trump-Clinton. It boosts him with the base which is exactly what the Clinton team wants. And Jeb undercuts his own interests in now defending Trump which only further solidifies Trump with the base. 
Remember that Trump and Hillary are friends. I know I didn't say were friends. Whatever Trump says now about Bill Clinton, remember that he spoke to him before announcing his candidacy. 
And it was not long ago that Trump had his face planted inches away from Hillary's ass despite the wild things he was saying about her last night.
But again, compare and contrast this with what he said about her in 2012-at a time when he was a surrogate for Mitt Romney.
I already can''t wait for the book on the 2016 election when it's written in full. 
Here is the skinny on the GOP primary so far:

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