Saturday, December 12, 2015

With Ted Cruz's Iowa Surge, Donald Trump is Now Being Tested

Of course, the Beltway pundits are just gleeful-they are sure this is the end of Trump-but of course Ted Cruz is just as unacceptable if not more than Trump for the GOP establishment.

Nevertheless I do agree that Donald Trump is being tested here. Can he deal with trailing in a few polls? The theory is that he can.t Right away tonight on Twitter he dismissed the poll as meaningless. 

Of course,, Poppy Harlowe had a breathless expert on her show 'Making sure all your viewers know that the Des Moines Register is an excellent poll the best one out there.'

I'm sure it's a good one though not infallible. Time will tell, Maybe Trump's support in Iowa is over-counted and maybe it's under-counted. 

If there is anything I do worry a little about as a Trump Democrat is that he can't handle losing in a few polls. He's in excellent shape but you wonder if he gets it that he may well lose more than a few polls-he may well lose some states as well. 

The Serious Pundits and the GOP Establishment are hoping he can't deal with it. This would be shortsighted of him as most of theses primaries are no longer winner take all so that a strong second in a number of states along with winning outright in others could be enough for him to build up his delegates. 

I almost wish I could speak with Trump personally. Buck up Mr. Trump. You don't have to win every state just most of them. LOL. 

In reality, it's quite possible that Cruz wins Iowa but then Trump follows up with wins in NH and SC and does well in Florida and Nevada as well. He could easily win 3 or 4 of the first five. 

Iowa is actually the one he will most likely lose. But it's just a caucus anyway. 

UPDATE: I just sent a tweet to Trump. Buck up Mr. Trump. You can win even without Iowa. 

Des Moines may well be a great poll, it's clearly very reputable. But it had Trump behind by 9 points last month-to Ben Carson. Trump's numbers are actually up 2 points from that one. So maybe for some reason or another he doesn't do as well in this poll-time will tell if it is more or less accurate in assessing his real position. 

All we need-by we I mean Trump Democrats-is for a Trump-Cruz primary. With Rubio's failure to establish himself in any particular state, the real Establishment menace now may be Christie in NH. 

Hopefully even if he does well there he gets nowhere anywhere else. 

How I wish I had a super PAC-then I could pepper NH with anti Christie ads. The ad would start with a picture of Christie drinking from his juice box.

That was a great line by the late candidate Bob Jindal-he's not late just his candidacy-and it went viral on Twitter. A lot of conservatives actually liked that line and Rush was running with it the next day. 

So you know start with that on the ad and then maybe something pointing out that when he started in government it was on a gun control platform-remember this is GOP voters we're trying to dissuade. 

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