Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Rubio vs. Cruz or America First vs. the NeoCons

In my last post I argued that on the issue of 'Being tough on ISIS' is understood very differently among the GOP insiders candidates-Rubio, Lindsay Graham, Kasich, Jeb, and Carly Fiorina-and the outsider candidates of Trump, Cruz, Carson, and Santorum.

A big part of this GOP debate was an ongoing Cuban battle between Rubio and Cruz. Howie Carr tweeted thusly:

"Another big night for the Cubans... I'm giving it to Cruz though... anytime you can tie a Republican to Chuck Schumer, you win."

At one point Cruz tied Rubio to the war on Libya-of course he called this 'Hillary's war.' But then he spoke of 'America First.'

That is the difference between and insiders-the insiders are Neocons-Bill Kristol, Charles Krauthammer, etc-and the outsiders who have the support of people like Pat Buchanan.

Hugh Hewitt then asked about whether the US should try to fight to topple dictators or not. Trump and Cruz were against it, Kasich, Rubio, and Carly were for it.

Trump argued that we would be so much better had we never invaded Iraq-no ISIS and we could have spent all this money on America-roads, bridges, etc.
Carly then sniffed that Trump sounds like a liberal. But this is why Trump's base is a little different from your typical conservative Republican.

Carly of course always has to get real catty about Hillary-yes we get it Carly, because you're a female too you're kryptonite to Hillary.

UPDATE: Ben Carson just sounded the same meme, saying that 'We need oxygen now, we need to start thinking about the needs of the American people before we go and start trying to save everyone else's problems.'

Again, even a lot of liberals like me would agree with much of this. Clearly W''s impulse to export democracy was an unmitigated disaster.

UPDATE 2.0: Rand Paul just cut Jeb's claim that getting rid of Saddam Huessein was a 'pretty good deal' off at the knees and got a huge ovation for it. 

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