Monday, December 14, 2015

Rallying Around Ted Cruz

The Beltway press and the GOP Establishment is besides itself now that they can again say that Someone other than Donald Trump is winning something. 

We are hearing that Cruz's lead in a few recent Iowa polls is a shock. Of course, it really isn't. He's been setup to to this for awhile.

It's only a few polls but many pundits are already declaring Trump done. Sure, never heard that one before. Chris Cilliza declares that Cruz is the favorite to be the nominee,

Don't get me wrong. I think Cruz has a good chance. Still, to be so categorical that he's got it based on a few polls tells me that again this may be more pundit wishful thinking.

Trump has led in all these polls but now he trails in a few in Iowa and that's the end of it? I agree that Cruz is formidable-I suspect he may have more staying power in Iowa than Ben Carson did. But I don't get why this gift wraps the race to him. When has Iowa been destiny in recent years?

Even if Trump finishes in a strong second in Iowa he looks slated to win in NH and SC and quite possibly Florida and Nevada as well.

But what the pundits are now saying is that Trump is all or nothing. He has to either win every state or he will win none. John Fund at the National Review is pushing this line. I would quote a little from it but NRO insists on not letting you cut and paste it's material.

But the idea is that if Trump loses Iowa or even looks in line to lose, he'll just drop out. I do agree that Trump is very invested in every poll that comes out.

Still, if you look at Fund's record during this primary in terms of predicting Trump's moves it is not pretty. He's been wrong again and again. This was Fund back in June.

Donald Trump will milk every ounce of the publicity he can from his boisterous entry into the 2016 presidential race — then drop out before he has to begin the grind of day-to-day campaigning, Newsmax analyst and National Review columnist John Fund says.

"I still actually believe that Donald Trump isn't going to go the distance on this race," Fund said Wednesday on "The Steve Malzberg Show" on Newsmax TV.

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Prophetic he ain't. Nothing else has felled Trump but now the hope is this hyper focus with winning will. Sure, the Muslim comments,didn't, McCain didn't, Carly Fiorina's face didn't' but this will be the smoking gun. 

The irony is that the GOP Establishment despises Cruz and it's even been argued that Cruz would be an even bigger general election nightmare. 

But the reason pundits are so excited over Cruz's rise is the hope that this will be the end of Trump. If Trump gets out, they hope then that an Establishment candidate-Rubio, Crhistie, etc,-catches up to Cruz. 

P.S. I do see though that even Clinton World seems to be jumping on the Ted Cruz bandwagon. Both David Brock and John Podesta have declared that Cruz will be the nominee.

I'm not exactly sure what to make of that. I mean I hope it's true really-I'm happy as long as it's not an Establishment GOPer. 

I do think that Cruz has a good chance but don't know that I agree it's a done deal just yet. My hope is a Trump-Cruz duel that goes all the way to the convention. 


  1. I'm still a Trump guy. I personally despise Cruz only slightly less than trump, but I think Cruz is crafty and significantly more of a threat to HRC. I think HRC still beats him, but I'm in no mood for any drama. I want to see Trump crush him and go onto spectacular failure in the general. Plus, I'll personally enjoy seeing Trump crush him. I too want to have the vicarious thrill of throwing rocks at the different kids.

    1. ...I'm fine though with Cruz being less cushed than any other non-trump. I see Cruz as the evil genius. The man has a brain and so does Trump. But I'd guess cruz's brain is a bit bigger. He has to play down his smarts to appeal to the GOP.

      Sometimes I get the impression that Trump doesn't have a plan for the general. I'm positive Cruz does.

    2. I'll take no plan man any day!

    3. I agree Cruz is very smart and has a plan. But he's a movement conservative. That's what he is. He won't be able to reach out to the middle.

      Trump with the celebrity factor will to an extent. You heard what Greg said. And Greg is pretty knowledgeable progressive type.

      Trump probably act a lot more mainstream after the primary.

      So I'm not sure. Again, though while I think both will be good I agree Trump is the best choice

  2. I'm not sure who does worse-Trump or Cruz. Yglesias argues it's actually Cruz.

    Cruz wants some really unpopular stuff like Social Security refomr-the GOP has kept away from that since W in 2005-and a 19% sales tax while eliminating the corproate tax. Yglesias thinks that might be the most unpopular idea out there.

    Overall I'll take either Cruz or Trump though my first choice is Trump

    My thing is throw rocks but make sure it's strategic! LOL I cant wait for tomorrow night though