Friday, December 18, 2015

Lawrence O'Donnell is Now a Glenn Beck Acolyte

I mean O'Donnell has been pretty disappointing throughout this entire campaign. He was part of the Hillary Clinton email feeding frenzy earlier in the year.

Now he has such Trump Derangement Syndrome that he fails to see the forest for the trees. I mean you want to knock Donald Trump all day, fine, but wait till he wins the GOP primary first, you simpleton, you! LOL.

Last night he says that Trump is gullible for returning Putin's praise with praise of his own. Not to say I told you so but I had told Tom Brown that I didn't think Trump would do a Chris Christie on Putin and he didn't.

Now O'Donnell saying Trump is gullible is ironic for a guy who had bought into Republican conspiracy theories about Hillary for most of the year until Kevin McCarthy slipped on that banana he calls a tongue.

In truth Trump is less gullible than he plays on the gullibility of others. But now O'Donnell has gotten to the point that he's using Glenn Beck to attack Trump? Now he is this desperate that anyone who criticizes Trump is a good guy?

Yet, so he did last night. He corrected Trump for mocking Beck as a failure, saying that Beck makes more money on his Internet show than anyone on Fox News.

Wow, so you are really making common cause with a guy who says that Obama has a deep seated hatred for white people? Talk about strange bed fellows.

By the way, let me give Tom credit for something-he made me aware that Beck at least has been anti Trump all along-not just since he criticized Ted Cruz, as is the case with most Right wing radio show hosts.

Again, I just don't get what Lawrence is after at this point. Is it just a desperation to get anti Trump voices from literally anywhere? I mean Glenn Beck?!

Where is his sense of the big picture, of playing anything more than a game of one dimensional game of checkers with Captain Obvious?


  1. Mike, you write:

    "you want to knock Donald Trump all day, fine, but wait till he wins the GOP primary first, you simpleton, you!"

    Well, I suppose it depends on how many layers of the onion you want to descend right? If a luke warm GOP voter happens to see Lawrence (an admitted socialist) knocking Trump, then does that really hurt Trump?

    You could argue that if all us anti-GOP folk were to have a secret strategy session and decide on a united public attitude to put forward, looking like we're terrified of Trump would probably be the best one for getting Trump nominated, don't you think?

    In truth it probably has very little influence one way or the other. As for him being critical of Clinton, again, he's an admitted socialist, so it's only natural that he'd be biased towards Sanders and against Clinton. If you were a Sanders guy, would you be interested in those emails?

    Which brings up something I heard on the radio today: I think Hillary can beat Sanders without much of a problem, so it makes me sad to hear that the deck has the appearance of being stacked unfairly against him in a couple of respects: his aid (who's since been fired) misusing some records now has the Sanders campaign being punished by being denied access to some DNC data? That sounds bad. Also, the fact that the debate is being held on Saturday during a football game... again, it sounds bad. I think it'd look better if instead of the deck being stacked against Sanders, it was the exact opposite: i.e. he was given every consideration.... and then still lost of course, but given every consideration on the way there. Lol.

  2. Mike, you write:

    "Wow, so you are really making common cause with a guy who says that Obama has a deep seated hatred for white people? Talk about strange bed fellows."

    Lol!... Mike, that's a very ironic thing for you to say isn't it? You (and I suppose) of all people... we're "making common cause" with Trump! In the primary (of course)... onion layers Mike! Onion layers. :^D

    But don't let me interrupt... it's still entertaining!

    1. One thing you have to keep in mind and we saw this with the econ debates as well. To build a system you can't be consistent in every particular.

      That's one thing that works for Trump-he has a very simple story. Some may disparage it but it works because it's simple and doesn't have too many qualms and buts and ands.

      Buts an ands stop you from that simple story. Like Sumner's NGDP or other econ models.

      I just laugh because Lawrence just sounds obsessed with someone criticizing Trump so much that he's now embracing Glenn Beck

      Overall though this primary has given us some strange bedfellows, i admit.

  3. I don't think Lawrence is going to hurt Trump but that wasn't what this post was about.

    As to Bernie I just wrote about that. I don't have your take at all. Why is it unfair to say that the data is witheld until he explains why his campaign was stealing Hillary's data? It's a legitimate charge that must be answered.

    I don't agree that Bernie having to follow the same rules as anyone else is stacking the deck.

    On Lawrence he just sounds stupid. I feel sorry for him is all. But I still hold a grudge against what he did on Emailgate.

    1. On Bernie: I explain in your latest that I don't know much about the Bernie thing, but to someone like me (who just heard a 5 minute piece about it on NPR) it didn't come off as very fair.

      That's why I say it "looks bad." Sure, Bernie should have to follow the rules like anyone. But I'd hate to see this turn into right-wing propaganda that Clinton doesn't play fair.

    2. Right some will no doubt say the optics 'stink' or what have you. But what can you do-if Bernie's staff hacked Hillary's info, that's wrong .

      Put it this way-if it were Hillary's team that did it the Bernie fans would not be saying it's no big deal and the DNC should just forget about it.

    3. "...he just sounds stupid." ... Ah, but perhaps he only *sounds* that way, because he's one onion layer deeper Mike! Lol.

      (Actually, I'll have to take your word for it, because I didn't see the show)

  4. Well, yes that's my point-I'd like to believe there is a deeper layer at work. I came into this having a lot of respect for Lawrence but he's been disappointing throughout the campaign-unless like you say, there's this deeper onion he sees. LOL