Sunday, December 20, 2015

No Matter What GOP Says it Would Love to Switch With Dems Right Now

Ted Cruz and others had some fun over the Dems' Saturday night debate which actually got a lot more coverage than it normally would have had it not been for Bernie's team accessing the Hillary team's data.

Peggy Noonan made a brave case recently that at least the GOP is having a real debate rather than the Dem coronation. That is pure spin but you have to give her credit for trying. Believe me, the GOP would take a coronation in a heart beat.

Ideally, parties always would prefer a coronation-and I'm not so sure that shouldn't be how it works.

I mean, in a Parliamentary system that is how it works-you vote for the party not the candidate. This doesn't forestal a radical result either-just see Jeremy Corbyn winning the Labor nomination.

Anyway, I'm sure the GOP really pities the Dems right now:

Will the GOP Mount a Third-Party Challenge to Trump?

Experts—and history—suggest it's an increasingly plausible scenario. And could end in disaster."

"Donald Trump may have eased some Republican fears Tuesday night when he declared his intention to stay inside the party. But if their angst has been temporarily eased at the prospect of what he would do if he loses, they still face a far more troubling, and increasingly plausible, question."

"What happens to the party if he wins?"

Read more:

Even his pledge to stay in the GOP seems as much about the report that Jeb is considering not supporting Trump if he wins as anything. Of course, if Jeb breaks his pledge then surely no one can blame Trump for whatever he does.

Anyway, the punch line is that a Trump win could lead the GOP itself to run a third party candidate. In other words, break it's own pledge. Yes, Ms. Noonan, the poor Democrats. We have no choice.

In truth you can look at it this way: the more primary candidates the worse a shape the party is in as there is more division. That the GOP still has 14 candidates now with six days left till Christmas tells you things are not going well. The party is dangerously divided.

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