Saturday, December 5, 2015

Ok Now I'm a Jeb Bush Democrat

The good news is while Jeb's chances seem more and more remote-he's at just 5% in New Hampshire now with Christie at 10%, he isn't giving up.

"And Eli Stokols and Marc Caputo report that Jeb Bush’s super PAC may just take the rest of its money and “carpet-bomb” the airwaves to eliminate all his non-Trump competitors. Sounds like a great idea."

It really does. His premise is that he wants a pure choice between him and Trump as the only two choices.

"Jeb Bush is convincing donors the polls are wrong."

"His team is selling a Trump vs. Bush vision that relies on big-money backers ignoring public data."

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Evidently the donors are lapping this up with a spoon. Music to a Trump Democrat's ears.

“I am like the Israelites following Moses, and I am not the only one,” said Mike Fernandez, the top donor to Bush’s super PAC, after a new CNN poll showed Bush an astounding 33 points behind the poll leader. “Unfortunately, it might not be that many of us.”

"While rival campaigns boast that some Bush backers are making side bets on other candidates, hardly any Bush donors have publicly abandoned him — largely out of unwavering loyalty to an incomparable Republican dynasty and to a candidate many put on a pedestal in spite of his political shortcomings."

“Given the poll numbers currently, you would think there would be these massive defections from a campaign like this,” said Slater Bayliss, a Florida-based GOP operative and longtime Bush ally. “And the reason there haven’t been is Jeb Bush; because people believe he’s in it for the long haul and believe he’s a serious candidate — even in a cycle where serious doesn’t seem to be selling. They like him because he’s serious. Eventually, they think serious will sell.”

"Outside the steady-under-fire nature of Bush’s top-level donors, he has kept his campaign together because of the true-believer nature of campaign manager Danny Diaz and longtime adviser Sally Bradshaw. Both are expert in making regular, data-filled pitches of proprietary campaign research that put worried donors at relative ease."

"The two, along with longtime Bush aide and South Carolina director Brett Doster, will make yet another presentation to top donors on Saturday in Miami. Their bottom-line message is unchanged: National polls aren’t predictive of primary success and the campaign’s organizational efforts will bear fruit. More privately, Bush’s team says there’s still time to engineer an unlikely comeback."

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Sounds like Jeb's brain trust is reading Nate Silver and friends.

So I'm also a Nate Silver Democrat?


  1. Hahaha... I like the carpet bombing idea too. I like the image of Trump and the the rest of the field, fighting like wildcats in a bag for the scraps.

  2. No, not Trump. Jeb plans to carpet everyone but Trump. That's what I like about it. Jeb wants it to come down to himself and Trump, mano a mano.

    1. Yes, I understand. I wasn't clear: Trump over there on one side, and the rest of the field in a bag like angry cats. That's what I meant by fighting over the "scraps"... the scraps that Trump leaves for them to fight over.

  3. Now that Trump is at 36%, I have a juvenile desire to troll Jennifer Rubin, who's convinced that Trump is NOT the real GOP. That the "real" GOP is well represented by the RJC (Republican Jewish Coalition) that all the GOP candidates had to give a song and dance to recently. The one in which Trump was booed, and Cruz got crickets instead of applause. The one that Rubio "hit it out of the park" at and that Christie and Jeb did well at. The one she wrote about 8 articles in a row about.

    Unfortunately I use up all my free Washington Post views by the 3rd of each month.... almost makes me want to get a subscription, just for the joy of trolling her. So I can run it in: Trump isn't the real GOP, eh Jen??? Lol.