Monday, December 21, 2015

You Have to Feel for Miss Columbia

Look, whether you're into pageants or not, and I for once had no idea there even was one last night, wow that was some cruel and unusual punishment.

To tell her she had won and allow her to wear the scarf and crown and blow kisses to the audience and then say Sorry, my bad, That is just cruel.

Obviously, Steve Harvey made a mistake and who can say it wouldn't happen to them? But it's  the effect of such a mistake.

And of course, this was the first pageant after Trump sold his interest. So, not surprisingly, he has something to say.

"On NBC's "Today" show Monday morning, Matt Lauer asked Trump what his solution would have been."

"I'll tell you what I think I'd do. I think I'd make 'em a co-winner. It'd be very cool," Trump said.

"I would recommend that they go have a beautiful ceremony, which is good for the brand and good for Miss Universe, and do a co-winner," he added.

"Trump also suggested, via his Twitter feed, that Harvey's screw-up wouldn't have happened if he was still involved."

"Very sad what happened last night at the Miss Universe Pageant," he tweeted. "I sold it 6 months ago for a record price. This would never have happened!"

That does sound fair. I have to admit, I can't watch that clip. It's just too cruel! LOL. I just feel so bad for Miss Columbia.

Ok, as long as we're off on a tangent here, I have to admit that I'm mystified what Bill Cosby is doing in suing eight women who are suing him for rape.

Isn't he putting himself in potential jeopardy now? I mean the statue of limitations may be passed, but could his doing this open it back up? After all, if he's going to accuse them of slandering his reputation, doesn't have to show that they are false?

But doesn't that make the court have to first ask the question of whether it is true or not? And, indeed, his wife is now being subpoenaed.

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