Friday, December 4, 2015

Chris Christie's Foreign Policy Gravitas is Based on a Lie

He's been running plays from the Rudy Giuliani playbook, touting himself as the tough guy on terrorism, talking about 9/11 as much as if here were George W. Bush.

He attacks Obama on foreign policy for not having a grand strategy like Bush-Cheney and for not having foreign policy experience.

"Don’t do stupid sh--," Goldberg chimed in, mentioning the foreign policy doctrine that made the rounds in the D.C. press in the first part of 2014, which Christie agreed was an accurate depiction of the president's thinking.

Asked what was wrong with such an approach, Christie suggested that it reflected a piecemeal approach to foreign policy with little care into the consequences of "one-off" actions.

"You don’t know, as you’re doing it, whether it’s stupid or not. You try to get educated as best you can, but he’s done some pretty stupid sh-- under the philosophy of not doing stupid sh--," the governor remarked. "So my point to you— it is operational, because he’s never run anything before, nor have most of the people around him, the ones he listens to, and there’s no strategy. I will tell you that the people I listen to tell me all the time that there is no overarching strategy here. It’s a series of one-offs. He makes these one-off decisions that he doesn’t think have a domino type of effect, but they do. Everything you do has an effect."

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This desire for a grand strategy seems to be the GOP Trojan Horse for more war. But for Christie to act like he has such 9/11 experience is based in the lie that W made him Attorney General on 9/10/01.

He can criticize 'Don't do stupid shit' but you have to wish Christie's own slogan 'Were don't do corrupt shit' a la Bridgegate.

Or maybe don't base your entire candidacy on dishonest shit. Christie made his entry into public life on a mantra of gun control which he now denies.

"In 1993, Christie, then 31, attempted unsuccessfully to unseat John Dorsey (R), the state Senate majority leader, after the New Jersey GOP attempted to repeal the state's semi-automatic weapons ban."

"The issue which has energized me to get into this race is the recent attempt by certain Republican legislators to repeal New Jersey's ban on assault weapons,' Christie said in an April 14, 1993, statement, according to the New Jersey Star-Ledger. ''In today's society, no one needs a semi-automatic assault weapon."

"But when asked by Fox News' Brett Baier on Tuesday whether it was true that gun control -- something no Republican presidential hopeful wants to be associated with -- "inspired" him to enter politics, Christie said it was not."

"No, that's not true. No," the governor said.

"When Baier held up the text of the 1993 Star-Ledger article that included his statement, Christie brushed it off, claiming a hazy memory.:"

"I don't remember saying that. So, we'll see," he said, adding, "That's ... 22 years ago? I don't remember. I could've. It doesn't sound like me."

Of course, while the media went nuts trying to nail down Trump on cheering Muslims no one talked too much about Christie doing more or less the same thing. Denying reality that is clearly documented.

Man I wish I had a super PAC that could run ads in the areas of NH he's doing well in right now and play that footage again and again. Let his supporters see he's a squish on guns.

But of course, Christie has no problem going back on his word. Since he started running for President he's been totally against gun control.

He killed another gun control measure in his state in the wake of San Bernardino.

Why do you get the sense that if he were in the general election right now he would not have killed this bill?

Meanwhile despite all the talk about Trump and cheering Muslims in NJ, it's Christie who has really let down NJ Muslims.

"Once Embraced by Chris Christie, New Jersey’s Muslims Feel Betrayed"

"The invitation arrived by email, bearing the seal of the State of New Jersey and the name of its new governor, Chris Christie. It asked a select group of Muslim leaders to break the daily Ramadan fast at Mr. Christie’s home, and began with a traditional Muslim salutation."

“Assalamu Alaikum (Peace be with you),” the greeting, from summer 2010, read. “Wishing you a happy and blessed Ramadan.”

"With the gathering, at an evening meal known as Iftar, Mr. Christie opened what Muslim leaders recall as a period of exceptional warmth between the state’s sizable Muslim community and a prominent Republican. The governor became a fierce defender of local Muslims, rebuking his party in forceful terms for its hostility to a proposed Islamic center in Manhattan, and denouncing what he called “the crazies” on the right for attacking a Muslim lawyer Mr. Christie had selected for a judgeship."

"But as he campaigns for the Republican presidential nomination half a decade later, Mr. Christie’s ties to Muslim leaders in New Jersey have grown deeply strained. The governor has recast himself as a relentless warrior against terrorism, with little patience for what he calls “politically correct” national security policy. Among some community leaders, who saw Mr. Christie as a rare Republican who rejected alarmist, broad-brush rhetoric about Islam, a sense of betrayal has set in."

"Most distressing, to advocates for New Jersey’s Muslim community, has been Mr. Christie’s rigid stance on refugees fleeing Syria: Citing his distrust of President Obama’s administration to screen them for security risks, Mr. Christie has called for a full stop to the settling of refugees in the United States."

That includes, he said on a radio show, “orphans under 5.”

It's interesting how similar Christie is to Rubio. Both are running for President with their own states very unhappy with them. Both have totally flipflopped on various issues like immigration, Muslims, and gun control. Both are exactly the kind of charlatans that W was which is why Trump's domination of the primary is such a great and fine thing. 

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