Monday, December 7, 2015

The NY Times is a Beacon in a Time of Reactionary Storm

I expect the Obama bashing nonsense of a Morning Joe, or Politico, or CNN on the issue of Jihadist terrorism.

CNN is showing yet again that they are not in any sense nonpartisan. They are very much for what you'd call the 'war party.' They want fire and brimstone, bellicose speech in the face of any mass shooting that was performed by Muslims. If it's a white guy, then lets just give the families our prayers and move on.

But when even Josh Marshall seems to be buying into the idea that the President should be talking like Ted Cruz-who has helpfully promised to carpet bomb Syria to see if sand glows-then I begin to wonder if we really are doomed.
So far today, one news outlet seems to get it. Thankfully this outlet in question is the NY Times which has more clout than any other paper anyway.

"During his Oval Office address on Sunday night, President Obama sought to reassure Americans that his administration’s expanding campaign against the Islamic State will succeed in reducing threats of terrorism, and he warned against the wholesale vilification of Muslims.

"The speech signaled how worried the White House has become about the trajectory the war against the Islamic State, or ISIS, could take if a sense of widespread panic, turbocharged by election year politics, started shaping domestic and foreign policy. While he didn’t unveil new initiatives, Mr. Obama called on Americans to reject the impulse to take actions based on fear."

“Even in this political season, even as we properly debate what steps I and future presidents must take to keep our country safe, let’s make sure we never forget what makes us exceptional,” he said. “Let’s not forget that freedom is more powerful than fear.”

Even Josh Marshall seems to think that it's silly to discuss gun control now that we know the killers were Muslims. 

The NY Times though gets it. 

"Mr. Obama once again asked Congress to take on common-sense reforms to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people, including barring people on the government’s no-fly list from acquiring weapons."

"One of the most bizarre positions of conservatives is that even people on a terrorist watch list or on a no-fly list should be allowed to buy guns.

Like Marco Rubio worries that maybe a few on the no-fly list don't belong there and would be unfairly prohibited from owning guns!

"Republican presidential candidate Sen. Marco Rubio (FL) defended his Thursday vote against denying guns to those on the no-fly list because the federal database "has a significant number of errors."

"Rubio suggested on Sunday's episode of "State Of The Union" that the no-fly list is impeding too many law-abiding citizens from purchasing a gun."

"They shouldn't be used as a tool to impede 700,000 Americans or potential Americans -- people on that list from having access to be able to fully utilize their Second Amendment rights," Rubio told CNN's Jake Tapper.

"Because there are, the majority of people on the no-fly list are oftentimes people that basically just have the same name as somebody else who don't belong on the no-fly list," Rubio said.

"That's not a perfect database," he added.
So where are the perfect databases? By this logic we shouldn't have a no-fly list at all as it's not a perfect database. Why have a tool to impede '700,000 Americans or potential Americans'-from flying then?

The Right is fine throwing over any civil liberty in the world except the right to own a gun. Usually when discussing 'potential Americans' there is hysteria on the Right that someone, somewhere could end up getting any kind of government assistance. But these same folks have an inalienable right to a gun no matter the risks?

The real worry I have here is that this discussion is so irrational and the media is trying to push Obama to give into it. I like the Times reading of his speech. We must not stop being America out of overblown fears.

I know, they'd have a cow if Obama ever said 'overblown fears'-but the fears of specifically terror perpetuated by Muslims is overblown. Obama should't be giving credence to that.

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