Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Bright Side of Christie's 'Rise' in NH

I put it in quotes as we don't know that he really is rising but the pundits and Establishment are trying to sell it.

His poll numbers aren't up all that much in NH.

The only tangible thing is that NH Union Leader endorsement which sure didn't help Newt Gingrich in 2012.

Christie was on Morning Joe this morning treated like a conquering monarch. Joe,Scarborough who was so worried just yesterday about Trump's lies let Christie get away with a big whopper-an oft-repeated lie that W made him Attorney General on Sept 10, 2001.

Neither Joe nor Mica batted an eye.

However, there was a good moment. When he dismissed Rubio as a kid who is just happy to be there. There is truth in this.

Though there is also truth in the fact that Christie's whole basis for being tough on foreign policy is based on the false claim that he started on 9/10.

But it occurs to me-if Rubio is Mr. Establishment, then Christie's rise-real or imagined-isn't good for Rubio.

Meanwhile. Rubio is trying to have it both ways on the rape and incest exceptions for abortion. He grandly declares he would support a bill with these exceptions or without them. Ie, he doesn't support those exceptions though he'll never put it that way.

Meanwhile. a great question is when is Rubio supposed to win a primary.


  1. Abortion and PP: Both O'Reilly (and Cruz: I saw the clip of Cruz on Hardball saying this), are now repeating the "buy and sell body parts" lie that Fiorina echoed long ago:

  2. TK for the link.

    Yep. Fiorina is still saying the same exact thing as before

  3. O/T: what are the chances that Rahm Emanuel never saw the police shooting video over the last year? Now he's firing the police superintendent. By all rights, shouldn't he be firing himself too?

  4. I have no idea how the process works. Some say that it goes through a process with the bureaucracy and that the Governor wouldn't be expected to see it.

    How plausible that is I'll just admit I don't know.

    Basically there's a public uproar for heads to roll. So he's got to give the pound of flesh-the folks in Chicago have been demanding the superintendent's head for awhile.

    They cant force Rahm to step down but he has to do something. All he can do is to meet their demands short of stepping down and being glad he just got re-elected.

  5. O/T: do you recall I could imagine someone like Jennifer Rubin endorsing HRC should Trump be the nominee? Well, this doesn't qualify, but comes close: