Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Is a Donald Trump Party in America's Future?

You know me, I've been a Trump Democrat all along and I think that what he's doing here now is just clearing the field. No one gets to the Right of him on 'being tough on terrorism'-as for the base being tough on terrorism is basically about targeting Muslims.

I like the Trump candidacy for a number of reasons. One is that he is the Republican id come to life. For years the party has trafficked in dog whistle politics but is now outraged and shocked that Trump is trafficking dog bullhorn politics.

In a way it's made the GOP primary honest. Usually they've hidden the id behind the more respectable ego.

I do think with what Trump is now saying there is a real chance of a third party. Either the GOP simply refuses to allow him to be the standard bearer-a brokered convention. Or as Morning Joe suggested, maybe if Trump does win the nomination the GOP runs its own third party nomination.

I've felt all along that something like that could happen. Even if it doesn't I've suspected that we may see a splintering of the Republican party soon. I mean will this now liberated base who have gotten a chance to party with the Trump id going to go back to the establishment after this election-which in all likelihood be Hillary Clinton?

Could this be the start of a Trump party-whether he participates himself much in it or not?

And when we look at Europe we see that the rise of third parties of the Far Right of Far Left is happening all over the place.

In Britain, thanks to the Far Left Scottish Independence party, the conservative Tories may dominate Britain for years-even more so if the SI party is successful in getting Scotland to secede from Britain.

Of course, the one counterweight there is the rise of the Right wing UKIP party. It's hard to even disagree with UKIP on the subject of the EU.

When you look at the EU countries its even more stark. Thanks to a very poorly constructed euro monetary union the economies of the euro seem retarded for years to come. This besides the hysteria over ISIS explains the rise of La Pen and her party in France and why similar fates may well await other euro countries.

This is why the US should really be the country progressives and liberals feel more hope for going forward as crazy as that might sound.

But what is clear is for once, the grass is not greener on the other side. Europe is still loved by progs who look at their welfare state but this welfare state is the product of the pre 1980s era. Since then Europe has mostly been moving to the Right.

We did as well but I do think the chances that this has stopped in the US is a lot more favorable. 


  1. Mike, if Trump survives this, he's only going to get worse. The GOP appears to be "drawing a line in the sand" ... but I doubt it'll be the last line they draw. Trump will kick the sand in their faces.

    At some point GOP politicians and party insiders and supporters are going to be asked by the press "Will you vote for Hillary Clinton rather than Trump?"... Ahahaha... that will be beautiful.

    There's a good chance Trump does survive this and in fact GAINS in popularity! There's no way he's going to lose Breitbart or Coulter or Ingraham or Levin (unless he starts going after the Jews of course) or maybe even Hannity or Limbaugh... that's all the GOP base listens too. Even their crazy fundy preachers (Hagee, Fisher, etc) aren't going to abandon him I don't think.

    I think he has a real shot at keeping this going... which is sad, and revealing, and ultimately damaging to our position in the world and to the lives of our service members overseas... but as sad and unfortunate as all that is, it probably does mean a Trump party eventually. And the destruction of the GOP. So there may well be a silver lining.

    1. The Trump / La Pen <=> ISIS / Boko Haram / Al Qeda mutually supporting dynamic is now feeding off itself. Time for the terrorists to step up their game and make the next move to support their politicians in the West.

      It's so easy for them!

    2. As I've said before, I think the GOP actually permanently splitting into two parties would be the best possible outcome for all of us. It's highly unlikely (since we've never had three parties before... for any length of time anyway)... but these are new Times Mike! Throw conventional wisdom out the window (as you might say to Nate Silver). Lol.

      The populist biggots could "let their freak flags fly" in a Trump party. The plutocrats and what remains of a neo-liberal "moderate" GOP could have their own party. This would be the best chance of getting a congress to do anything useful in the next few years. What if Ryan has to run again because the extremists in congress abandon the GOP and join a new Trump party? What if Ryan really does have to draw on Democrats for support? Lol...