Thursday, December 3, 2015

Harry Reid to Force Vote on Gun Amendment

It was in response to last week's' attack at the Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood, but seems even more germane after yesterday's huge mass shooting at the San Bernadino health facility.

"Harry Reid to force vote on gun amendment."

"The goal is to keep guns away from people convicted of violating laws protecting the entrances of health care clinics."

"Senate Democrats plan to force a vote on keeping guns out of the hands of people convicted of violating laws protecting the entrances of health care clinics."

"Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid has introduced the amendment, which would ban gun ownership by people who have been convicted of misdemeanors under the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act, a 1994 law meant to prevent violence and harassment at abortion clinics."

"The bill is a clear response to last week’s shooting at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado, where three people were killed and nine were injured."

"Reid is expected to force a vote on the amendment during consideration of the Republicans’ Obamacare repeal bill, which would use the complex budget reconciliation process to eliminate major parts of the health law."

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You go Harry Reid. In all seriousness. the more this goes on, the more realistic it is that folks listen to President Obama and vote single issue for a few elections.

Certainly there should be less reason for the Dems to be scared of the NRA. Hillary is making gun control a major part of her campaign which is sorely needed.

"Now, with yet another mass shooting striking fear across the country after a reported 14 people were killed and another 17 injured in a shooting rampage in San Bernardino, California, Clinton’s embrace of gun control is on the verge of becoming a defining issue in the campaign, with all the political benefits and detriments associated with confronting the National Rifle Association and 2nd Amendment activists across the country."

"Traditionally, support for gun control rises in the wake of such shootings, but the politicians who push it sometimes end up paying a price down the line, as many gun-rights backers tend to be single-issue voters who equate even background checks at gun shows as unwarranted government intrusion in the right to bear arms."

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It doesn't hurt either that this is one area that Bernie is quite weak on.

“Every time there is a horrific shooting in this country, it brings new moms into the fold,” declared Shannon Watts, who founded Moms Demand Action after the 2012 shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut, where 20 children and six school staffers were killed."

"But even in the wake of that terrible event, gun control legislation failed in Congress."

"Now, however, President Barack Obama has become increasingly outspoken about the need for greater gun controls in the wake of mass shootings, and Clinton — the undisputed favorite for the Democratic nomination to succeed him — appears to be embracing the cause as well."

"Clinton was on the campaign trail in Florida as the latest tragedy unfolded, talking about guns."

 "Ninety Americans a day die from gun violence, homicide, suicides, tragic avoidable accidents," Clinton said at a campaign stop in Orlando. She added, “33,000 Americans a year die. It is time for us to say we are going to have comprehensive background checks, we are gonna close the gun show loopholes."

"Four years ago, gun control groups were begging for any attention they could get on the presidential campaign trail — and they didn’t get much."

“The opening we had was Aurora,” said Erika Soto Lamb, a spokeswoman for Everytown for Gun Safety, referring to the 2012 Colorado movie theater shooting in which 12 people were killed. The issue came up in one debate between Obama and Mitt Romney, she said, “but it was a blip, and there was a lot of push for that blip. Compared to this time around, it’s night and day.”

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Americans seem to have a high tolerance for gun violence-as long as it's not done by Middle Eastern Muslims. But maybe at some point enough becomes enough. Conservatives are noting with some consternation that Dems are no longer afraid to be anti gun.

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