Tuesday, December 1, 2015

NH Endorses Christie; NJ Demands a Recount

A NJ editorial board is baffled as to why a NH editorial board has endorsed Christie.

"If you haven't read the fulsome endorsement of Gov. Chris Christie from New Hampshire's most influential paper, take a minute. This could be important."

"Know two things about this endorsement from the Manchester Union-Leader."

"One is that it could put Christie on the map. This paper's endorsements result in an 11 point bump for the winner, on average. If history holds, that means Christie is now a contender in New Hampshire."

"The second is this: The paper knows almost nothing about his record as governor."

"That's harsh, I know. But I just got off the phone with the Union-Leader's editorial page editor, a very nice guy by the name of Grant Bosse."

"The paper has been paying close attention to Christie's speeches in New Hampshire, and his visit to the editorial board. And that's a dangerous game when it comes to a slick character like our governor."

Take Bridgegate. The editorial made no mention of it. "It has nothing to do with the governor," Bosse says.

"It's possible Christie didn't know about the lane closures or the cover-up. But this is a governor whose cabinet members don't go to the bathroom without his permission. At a minimum, these were his senior appointees."

"How about pension reform? The board in Manchester did not know that Christie broke his core promise on that by skipping pension payments. "I don't know if we went into the weeds on pension reform," Bosse said.

"The editorial said he "dealt admirably" with Sandy. That would come as a shock to the actual victims, 60 percent of whom say they are dissatisfied with the state's response."

On jobs, the paper saw no reason to check Christie's dismal record. "Politicians don't create jobs, so we didn't want to give that any credibility," Bosse said.

"How about the nine credit downgrades on Christie's watch as governor?"

"That largely stems from the fact that while he's been successful holding back tax increases, he hasn't been as successful in restraining spending. Credit agencies like taxes. They don't reward states for fiscal discipline."

A big part of Christie's alleged rise was that impromptu speech he gave in NH-where he's placed all his chips-about addiction. This impressed many in the liberal media, from Rachel Maddow, to the Huffington Post.

However, Tom Moran rains on Christie's parade with actual facts.

"He remains in the basement in the polls, a long shot. But we have seen an unmistakable shift in the last few weeks, with a big bump in his favorability ratings, usually a precursor to improvement in the polls."

"That coincided with a remarkably poignant video Christie posted describing the scourge of addiction, how it impacted his family and friends, how we need to abandon the stigma and think of it as a disease requiring treatment first of all. If you're judging style, this one is a home run."

"Again, though, it turned out to be fluff. Christie has not increased funding for drug treatment; he has decreased it slightly. And the number of people admitted to treatment programs has dropped on his watch."

"The endorsement is another good example. If you are from New Jersey, it was hard to read."

Hard to read. Maybe I should tweet this article to Trump...

Actually here is something that maybe Moran finds easier to read. In his piece he stated that an endorsement from the Union Leader usually gives a candidate a bump in the polls of 11%. I'm not sure about this number.

 Does he realize that the NH Union Leader also endorsed Newt Gingrich in 2012? This sure helped Newt-he finished in 5th in the state.

But maybe this will make Moran feel better.

P.S. Here;s something that I find hard to watch-Morning Joe and his little hand puppet, Mica, are fawning all over Christie.

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