Thursday, December 10, 2015

Jerelyn Luther is not a Liberal

I appreciate the President criticizing the rise of PC terrorism on college campuses but I will differ on a key point. These young 'crybullies' are not liberals in any sense of the word.

Indeed, this is not mere PC anymore either but EC-that is emphatic correctness-where the focus is not about fear of offending others but indignation about being personally offended.

An article talks about Jerelyn Luther and Melissa Click-two crybully extraordinaire who show how much once can use one's victimhood to bully others-that declares that these crybullies are the new face of American fascism.

A rather ironic and interesting choice of words as we were just discussing Trump and whether or not the fascist label applies to him.

I'm not a fan of EC crybullies either-all this makes college campuses of today just sound like awful places. When do these kids ever get to study? It seems that you have to be very careful if you're not part of this EC clique. If Jerelyn Luther doesn't like your socks one day she can destroy you.

I mean look at what happened to that happless 'Master' she upbraided so arrogantly for all the world to see. 'You're disgusting! How do you sleep at nights. Why the fuck did you take the position?!'

His sin was for not apologizing for an email his wife wrote about PC run amok on Halloween costumes. The very next day the college made him apologize to the students.

But that wasn't enough for the bloodthirsty crybullies. They still demanded and got his wife's resignation and his one semester 'sabbatical'. Meanwhile Ms. Luther was on the board that had chosen him in the first place.

Yet, I don't think these students are fascist. Not every bad thing is fascism. I see this as a very different thing than fascism at least as described by someone who knows a lot about fascism-Umberto Eco.

He describes fascism this way:

"A cult of “action for action’s sake,” where “thinking is a form of emasculation”; an intolerance of “analytical criticism,” where disagreement is condemned; a profound “fear of difference,” where leaders appeal against “intruders”; appeals to individual and social frustration and specifically a “frustrated middle class” suffering from “feelings of political humiliation and frightened by the pressure of lower social groups”; a nationalist identity set against internal and external enemies (an “obsession with a plot”); a feeling of humiliation by the “ostentatious wealth and force of their enemies”; a “popular elitism” where “every citizen belongs to the best people of the world” and underscored by contempt for the weak; and a celebration of aggressive (and often violent) masculinity."

The EC movement is many things, but masculine is the last thing it is. It's much more about the outlawing of any expressions or feelings of masculinity. If fascism is allergic to analytical criticism, what EC is about is the terrorism of endless such analytical criticism.

If the mode of fascism is hypermasculine, the mode of EC is hyperfeminine where one never stops talking of one's own personal feelings. This is why there is this lack of interest in intellectual discussion-there is this feminine world of aggressive subjectivity

So the idea that they are liberals is also wholly false:

"I suppose this is bit of karma for us Democrats laughing from the sidelines at the ongoing civil war in the Republican party between the Tea Party and establishment Republicans for control. We ignored our own radical elements that are doing their best to infiltrate and silence any dissenting voices. I don’t view advocates of Critical Race Theory as liberal since they are an anathema to the ideals of liberty and equality that all true liberals should espouse."

"Shouting down, bullying, and calling in “muscle” to silence the views of people you may disagree with is not my idea of what it means to be a member of the Democratic party. This goes well beyond a battle of the left or right, this is a societal issue we must all confront and condemn. There is no freedom against being outraged, but the freedom of speech is most certainly under assault. The bar for what people find offensive gets lower and lower every year and they now know their tactics of shouting down anyone who may disagree works."

No, no, no! The EC hysteria is nothing to do with liberalism or the Democratic party. Do you think Jerelyn Luther cares about the Democratic party? You have to get the crucial difference between liberals like me and the author who mostly support the Democrat party and believe in the intellectual debate and the EC police. These are not liberals. they are campus radicals. For those who don't get the difference between the two, you should read Garry Wills' Nixon Agonistes.

Particularly Part III. There are radicals and there are liberals. Two entirely different animals. 
What's clear is that these students don't care about any kind of intellectual discussion. Indeed, they don't even think that a school is about learning. They think it should be their home or sanctuary. 
It's not possible to have a conversation with them. They simply shrike 'You are making me feel safe by not apologizing to me. Now you need to resign. You're not resigning is making me feel unsafe...'
Radicals are not motivated by liberalism but hatred of liberalism. 
Everything they say is from the stand point of 'How what you're saying/doing makes me feel.'

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