Wednesday, June 17, 2015

House Benghazi Committee Becomes Opposition Research Arm for 2016 Election

     Here's a question to start this off. Why exactly is there still a Benghazi Committee? It's not a trick question. Last December as Darrell Issa finally left the committee itself said it had uncovered no proof of any wrongdoing

    I guess the GOP motto here is 'If at first you don't succeed' or even if after 7 times you don't succeed just keep trying. It's not like it costs anything. Oh wait.

    Forget about finding a better use of millions of dollars-it's tougher to find a worse use. Talk about mission creep. Seriously I want to talk about mission creep. As the BI will clearly never uncover any wrongdoing in Benghazi it's found a new use. Opposition research against Hillary Clinton. 

   To show she was a bad Secretary of State. 

    "Sidney Blumenthal has now been deposed by the select committee investigating the deaths of four Americans at the American consulate in Benghazi, Libya in September of 2012. While Blumenthal is an interesting Washington character and one who is particularly despised by Republicans, the fact that he was there at all shows just what a joke the Republicans’ Benghazi enterprise has become (if it was ever anything else)."

     "When Rep. Trey Gowdy was first appointed to lead this committee a year ago, Republicans fell all over themselves to extol him as the perfect choice to lead the committee, because he’s such a serious, sober investigator who would stick to the facts and get to the truth. We’d finally learn why those Americans died, and who was to blame! But by now, Gowdy has become nothing more than a glorified RNC researcher, casting about desperately for something, anything that will reflect poorly on Hillary Clinton and damage her presidential campaign."
      "Let’s be clear: Congress has every right to look into Benghazi as much as they like. They’re supposed to engage in oversight of the executive branch, and if they want to explore American policy toward Libya then they should go right ahead. But they can’t pretend any longer that they’re trying to figure out what happened on that night in 2012. They set up this special committee for that purpose, but it seems clear they figured out pretty quickly that they wouldn’t be uncovering anything new about that topic. Which isn’t surprising, since the matter had already been investigated by multiple committees controlled by Republicans, all of which were unable to find the wrongdoing they hoped for.
      "So now, instead of a committee to investigate the Benghazi deaths, they’re running a Select Committee to Make the Case That Hillary Clinton Was a Bad Secretary of State. It’s another reminder that the Clintons have always been blessed by the incompetence of their adversaries."
     At this point we know they're never going to let Benghazi go-and why not, as polls show that majorities of the American people(ie, independents)-believe that Benghazi is a legitimate issue though no evidence has been shown of any guilt or intelligence failure. 
    However, they ought to at least have to report the money spent on it as money the nation is contributing to the 2016 GOP Presidential campaign. Let's be transparent about it. 
   P.S. Public opinion as so often is the case is has been successfully manipulated by the GOP. Like Americans desire cuts in spending but can't' name a single government program they would like to see cut. 
  So Americans don't have any specific belief of anything that was done wrong in Benghazi but on the theoretical level they know that something nefarious was done, somewhere. Like in 2002 they believed there was a link between 9/11 and Saddam Hussein. Just how impressionable most people are-particularly this group that is regarded so reverently, the independents, can be depressing. 

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